MotorSport Development Program : (Module 1 / Iloilo / FEBRUARY 24, 2018) form
The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP),
a member of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA),

The Motorsport Development Program is a grassroots training platform designed specifically for race enthusiasts and upcoming drivers who dream of entering the field of motorsports and become successful race car drivers. The Program aims to prepare driving enthusiasts who are physically fit and who possess a ”champion's attitude”, by honing their skills and talents and by imbibing in them the discipline needed for motorsports, particularly race car driving and road safety.

Participants of the program will have the unique opportunity to be trained by ten-time National Rally Champion, VIP ISADA and his team of Champion Drivers along with fellow experienced and race and rally champions.

The participation of young drivers, aged 16-19 will be fully subsidized by the program. Enrollment is done online and slots are limited per session only.

The whole training program will be segmented into 9 different modules. Module 1 will consist of 3-4 hours of lectures and 4-5 hours of practicals. Other clustered Modules will have 3-4 hours of lecture. Clustered Modules are (2 & 3), (4, 5, & 6), and (7, 8, & 9).

The modules are as follows:

Module 1 – Race Skills
Module 2 – The Racing Mind
Module 3 – Race Safe
Module 4 – Vehicle Dynamics
Module 5 – Race Car Prep
Module 6 – Car Handling
Module 7 – Race Craft
Module 8 – Fit to Race
Module 9 – Race Show

The Instructors:
VIP ISADA – Head Instructor


1. Drivers aged 15-19 years old:

a. Drivers must possess a valid Philippine Drivers License.
b. Letter of Consent from his/her parents/guardian.
c. Signed and notarized waiver.
d. Parent(s) and/or guardian are strongly encouraged to join the program.

2. Drivers who are 20 years old and above:

a. Drivers must possess a valid Philippine Drivers License.
b. Must pay Php 2,500 for Module 1

All drivers will be provided with the following:

a. Motorsports Development Program T-shirt
b. MSDP Notebook and pen
c. Lunch and water

ALL participants must bring their own car.
The car must be road-worthy and preferably stock or close to original. (Automatic transmission and/or SUVs are allowed)
Sharing of cars may be allowed.
No car will be provided for any participant or student.

Training Date: February 24, 2017 (SATURDAY)
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Megaworld, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Registration begins at 8:00 AM. Training starts at 8:30AM.

Local Contact:

Gus Banusing

Ground Effects Car Accessories
San Marcos St.
Moro, Iloilo City 5000


AAP Motorsports Office: 705-3333
Contact from MSDP Admin: Ivan Isada –
Message us at:


*Once signing up this online registration, you are officially registered for the Module. Only a maximum of 50 slots are available. If the maximum participants are reached, the registration online will be closed.
Additional Info.


*this online application only serves as an application for the MODULE 1: Race Skills and NOT the Gymkhana.

The Motorsport Development Program GYMKHANA is the 2nd day event of the MSDP that invites all participants to the competition/tournament and/or "practice theory" part of the Modules that were held prior to GYMKHANA.

All are welcome to join regardless if they attended the Modules or not.

The GYMKHANA is not a requirement for those who attended the modules but the participation and experience is highly encouraged as the GYMKHANA is a grassroot event to those wanting to get a firsthand experience to affordable motorsports competition.

GYMKHANA is an individual time trial event composed of 2 heats. Both timed runs are accumulated as the final result.

The event is enjoyable, active, challenging, and an experience that helps measure your actual performance.

MSDP Instructors are also available for consultation.

The event is open to all. Maximum of 2 classes only per event.
- 1,500php for one class/category joined
- 2,500php for two classes/category joined.

Classes/Categories will be classified based on engine displacement as of the following:
1- 1300cc Below
2- 1301cc - 1500cc
3- 1501cc - 1800cc
4- 1801cc - 2000cc
5- 2001cc and Up

Registration for the GYMKHANA is at 8:00AM, SUNDAY, February 25. Be on time and see you there!

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