Fall & Winter Student Application
All applications will be reviewed in detail by staff within the International Learning Program from the WCPS Learning Services department. A response to each applicant will be provided after the review is completed. Unfortunately we are not able to accept all student applications in a given year. Students that are not accepted are encouraged to apply again for a subsequent opportunity in the future.

Students will be required to be available during the program weeks indicated on the website, with some over night trips included.

Preference will be given to students who:

1) students attending LCHS, LJ or IRJC.
2) have good/excellent work habits and acceptable grades within the current school year.
3) have a positive and applicable teacher reference from (speaks to student’s character, attitude, enthusiasm for learning, flexibility, resilience, ambassadorial qualities, etc.);
4) will be in Grade 8-12.

There is a small fee charged to cover any meals provided. This fee is usually $50 to $75. All other costs of attending events, excursions, busing, etc are covered.

The following documents are mandatory in order to be considered for this trip:

1) Responses to the application questions via an written response or a video submission (see below for details)
2) Teacher reference form - 1 of your past teachers or current school administrators from 2016-17 or 2017-18 school year.

Student applicants can choose between submitting a written response or a video submission answering and articulating the following questions outlined below. Please ensure you attend to the items listed below.

What ways will you be a positive student ambassador by participating in the experience through your support and actions this fall/winter when working with and hosting international students from China? (Use the items from #1-5 below in your answer)

Please answer this question in a short paragraph (min. 500 words / max. 800 words) or created video submission that explains the following factors:

1) your personal interest in participating in this experience
2) why you think volunteering as a student ambassador is important
3) how you will be an ambassador of positive Canadian culture through your actions & participation;
4) what you think you can contribute to the group on this trip; and
5) your goals for personal growth and learning on the trip.

Please submit your response as a typed document or video submission via email to the email address indicated later in this application, by September 7, 2018 for the Fall Program Experience.

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