Hillcrest Kids Clubs Fall '19 Selection Form
This form is for choosing your child's Kids Club(s). Please complete a separate form for each child. Please review the club descriptions on the flyer https://bit.ly/2zMYGIZ for the grades and dates for each club to ensure you are selecting clubs that are appropriate for your child. In order to allow as many children as possible to participate, we will try to give every child their 1st choice before we give any child a 2nd choice. Most of the clubs have space limitations; we will maintain a waiting list for clubs that fill up. We regret that some children may not get a spot in a club.

!! The registration period ends on Friday, September 20th. !!

In order to ensure our children’s safety after school, we need parents to act as chaperones for HKC. Priority registration and tuition discount will be given to parents who are assigned to this role. Please indicate interest on this form.

Bus service to your child's home address will be available for Tuesday clubs for a fee of $20 for the entire club session.

Please do not send in payment until your child has been offered a spot in a club. You will be notified via email when the club rosters are set. Participation details and payment information will be included on the Acceptance form.

Hillcrest Kids Clubs are run by PTA volunteers. Please contact hkchillcrest@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting Kids Clubs!
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Club Selection
Please mark "Not Interested" for any club that is not applicable to your child or that you're not interested in.

Mark "1st Choice" for your most preferred club.
Mark "2nd Choice" for your secondary preference.
Mark "3rd Choice" for your alternative preference.

If you're interested in signing up for more than one club, please indicate in the next section. We will do our best to choose from your options to provide the most preferred clubs.

Fall 2019 Clubs:

--- Yoga (grades 2-5)
--- Silver Knights’ Chess (grades 1-5)
--- SciKidz--Mazes, labyrinths, coasters (grades 1-2)
--- SciKidz--One car equals 8 cars (grades 3-5)
--- TV Studio (grades 3-5)
--- Drawing Zoo (grades 2-5)
--- Musical Theater (grades 1-2)
--- Drama (grades 3-5)

--- Abrakadoodle (grades 1-5)
--- Creative Writing (grades 4-5)
--- Hip Hop Fusion (grades 3-5)
--- Marble (grades 2-5)
--- Silver Knights’ Coding (grades 2-5)
Clubs *
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Creative Writing
Musical Theater
SciKidz 1-2
SciKidz 3-5
Drawing Zoo
Hip Hop Fusion
TV Studio
Multiple Clubs *
If possible, I would like my child to be enrolled in more than one of these above clubs. We will dual enroll your child if there is room.
Chaperone Availability
HKC needs chaperones who are available to be at school from 3:30 until 5:00 when the clubs meet. Please indicate below which day(s) you can be available to chaperone (you will not be asked to chaperone on a day your child does not have a club.) As a thank you, if you are selected as a chaperone, your child will receive a tuition discount and priority registration.
Chaperone Days *
Expectations and Policies
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Please type your full name in the signature block to indicate that you have read and agree to the policies and procedures outlined in the acceptance agreement. Link: https://bit.ly/2lDGvBT
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