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We invite you to the second edition of Optimus, the premier HEMA event organised by Societas Milites Getae. Join us in Bucharest, Romania on September 27-29 for a weekend of educational and fun activities with swords and friends: workshops, lectures, HEMA knowledge quiz and a dueling game with prizes.

Payment details will be sent to you upon submission of this form and registration will be confirmed by email only once we receive your full payment (50 EUR).
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Why "HEMA Challenge" ?
Because we want to offer a fun and challenging experience for all HEMA practitioners - both scholars and fighters - we decided to try out a new and less-traditional event format that includes activities such as a dueling game and a HEMA knowledge quiz, apart from the traditional workshops and lectures that will be held by renowned HEMA instructors;

Points will be awarded for participating in each activity and will then be used on the last day to claim prizes offered by our sponsors (prizes will be revealed during the event)
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On a scale of one to four tell us how interested you are in the following weapons seminars / workshops (1 is least interested and 4 is most interested). Keep in mind that you need to bring your own weapons, a very limited number of extras will be available during the event.
1 (probably won't attend)
4 (very interested)
Body Mechanics - instructor Miroslav Lesichkov
Rapier, La Verdadera Destreza - instructor George Zacharopulous
Longsword - instructor Mishaël Lopes Cardozo
Sidesword - instructor Andrei Xuereb
Sword & Buckler - instructor Miroslav Lesichkov
Will you accept the challenge? *
“The Challenge” is an open, mixed-weapon dueling game which allows the participants to develop their own strategy, plan matches at their own convenience and judge other players’ matches. The game starts on Friday, after the event opening and ends on Sunday afternoon. It relies mainly on fair-play, honesty, cooperation and the willingness to have a good time. Players will challenge each other to duels and rankings will be made for 4 main weapons (longsword, sidesword/arming sword, rapier and saber), as well as an additional mixed-weapon ranking. If the minimum number of participants is met for each ranking, the top 4 players (based on won duels and scored points) will be selected in order to compete against each other in the semi-finals & final duels on Sunday, for glory, fame and a symbolic prize. Detailed rule-set for dueling will be published soon.
Event Venue
Friday we will be here: https://g.page/hemasmg?share
Saturday and Sunday, here: https://goo.gl/maps/JoNYogHnrE1aRiSh9

There are plenty of apartments for rent in the area (check airbnb) or you could try some of the nearby hotels
You could check out Omega House, a very nice hostel on 20 Str. Aurel Vlaicu, with two 6 person rooms as well as 6 double rooms and 2 triple rooms. (https://www.omegahouse.ro/)
We also recommend Boutique Hotel Monaco, Str. Jean-Louis Calderon - its a small cozy hotel with 2 single and 7 double rooms - no twin rooms (https://hotel-boutique-monaco.bucharest-hotel.com/en/ )
If you're intrested in any of these, please mention in the "questions for event organizers" and we can send you more details and a discount code, but you'll have to book directly on their website.
How long will you be staying in Bucharest? *
We don't have a precise schedule yet, but we expect to start activities on Friday around 4 pm and wrap-up Sunday around 7 pm, we will also plan a visit to the National Military Museum (swords, yay!) on Friday morning. Please tell us in which day and approx at what time do you expect to arrive. When do you plan on leaving?
Almost done
Thank you for answering the questions, just a bit more and based on your replies you will receive an e-mail with information regarding final confirmation, including payment details.

Please note that, according to Romanian Legislation, all participants to sporting events must provide the event organizers a medical certificate which attests that they are in good health and able to participate in sports activities.

Tickets are non refundable, however they are transmissible if you have to cancel, please contact us on e-mail and we will figure something out.
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Thank you for your interest in Optimus HEMA Challenge 2019, see you soon in Bucharest !
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