2018 MZU Letters to Santa
Christmas Eve is almost here, and kids around the world are busy getting their letters to Santa in the mail. Much like those kids, we know that our members have some ‘wish list’ items of their own, and we want to hear them!

The new Board of Directors for 2018-19 is structured into committees tasked with different responsibilities for the upcoming year. We would like members to submit their feedback to those respective committees. Each committee's responsibilities are explained below. Please take a few short minutes to fill out the survey and make your voice heard!

As an added incentive, Santa is giving out a present to one lucky MZU member. Anyone who fills out the form will be entered to win a Lighthouse Disc, MZU Sunglasses, and Free Registration* into the 2019 Winter Toque League!

The deadline to fill out the form is January 2, 2019, and the winner will be contacted prior to the start of the 2019 Winter Toque League (January 7, 2019).

*If the winner does not register for Winter Toque League, the free registration can be transferred to another player of the winner’s choice. The free registration covers the $60 league registration fee only; the winner/player will still be responsible for covering any applicable UNL fees.
**If the player/winner has already registered for the 2018 Winter Toque League, the registration fee of $60 will be reimbursed to them.

Just a note that you are not required to fill out all sections below, please fill out any that you have feedback for.

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1. League Committee
The League Committee organizes all the MZU leagues. It looks after acquiring field space, scheduling leagues as well as weekly games within each league, registration, reviewing rules and policies, and building hat teams.
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2. Communications Committee
The Communications Committee manages the MZU website, newsletter, social media accounts and emails to keep the membership informed of any news from the five other MZU committees, and occasionally from other leagues (SWURL, MAUL, UltimateNL).
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3. Spirit Committee
The Spirit Committee focuses on all things Spirit related. Its work includes promoting Spirit of the Game, reviewing weekly spirit scores, improving members' rules knowledge, planning social events, organizing awards and prizes, and running clinics.
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4. Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is focused on, you guessed it, the finances of MZU. This committee determines pricing for each league, prepares quarterly statements for the BOD, and seeks sponsors for the league.
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5. Gender Equity Committee
We have a brand new Gender Equity Committee for 2018-19, tasked with improving gender equity within MZU. They plan to focus on creating an inclusion strategy, and to review existing policies to ensure they are inclusive for all. They also plan to help implement the WFDF Gender Ratio Rule A in future leagues.
Please share your Gender Equity related feedback here:
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6. Membership Committee
Also new for 2018-19 is the Membership Committee, which will focus on player satisfaction, retention, and recruitment. In addition to connecting with existing members to improve player satisfaction and retention, this committee will also work with the Communications Committee to identify and recruit new players and youth players (given the recent by-law change regarding age eligibility) for leagues that are able to accommodate growth.
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7. Other Feedback
If you have any other general feedback for the Board of Directors, please record it here:
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