My thesis explores the modes of communication within diasporic communities, investigating the social impact of living differently through online and offline spaces. I aim to create a speculative narrative animation as a design tool to further my understanding of how diasporic communities navigate through their online and offline identities.

Diaspora: a diaspora is the dispersion of people from their homeland or a community formed by people who have exited or been removed from their homeland (

This survey will take approximately 60-75 minutes, split up into three sections: demographic (5-10 minutes), online/offline identities (30 minutes) and diaspora (30 minutes). I highly recommend completing it in a quiet space on a computer. Feel free to copy and paste the questions onto a separate word document allowing the questions to percolate, and submit it into the Google Form when you are ready. The questions are listed here:
PART ONE (5-10 minutes)
What age group do you belong to? *
How would you identify yourself? (Pick all that apply) *
If you identify as an immigrant, what year did you emigrate?
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Do you identify as a second or third-generation immigrant? (Optional)
What other languages can you speak besides English?(Optional)
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What is your gender identity?
What is your current employment status? (Optional)
What is the highest level of education you have completed? (Optional)
Did your parents attend post-secondary education (further education after high school)? If so, what country did they attend? (Optional)
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Check the five applications you use the most on a daily basis. If there are applications that are not listed, feel free to add them in the Other section *
Referring back to previous question, what were your favourite features or main reason(s) of your most used applications? (Specify which application) *
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