Field Trip Reservation Form
Chabot Space & Science Center is excited to have you and your students visit us on a field trip!

Below is the reservation form to request your trip. Before you start, be sure to review the three different types of trips on our website, along with workshop options. Also, collect basic information for each group or class that will attending, including each teacher's name, email, grade level, and number of chaperones and students.

Enter the email address and phone of the Trip Coordinator below. This person will be the main point of contact for the reservation, and is usually a lead teacher, administrator, or clerical staff. The person will need to be in communication with all teachers and chaperones attending the field trip. Please note that all future communication will be sent to this email. To ensure timely communication, please use an email that will be checked regularly. Please also use a phone number that is accessible on your field trip date, in case we need to reach you for any reason during your visit.

Note: Field trips are only offered Wed-Fri during the school year. Our last day for field trips this year is May 29, 2020. Please contact our Box Office at or 510-336-7373 for summer visits.
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Field Trip Package
Chabot offers three different field trip packages. Please see our website for details. If you want a different package for each group, please complete this reservation form once for each option. Note: Extra students require advanced approval and cost $10 each for Museum Visits, $15 each for Workshops, or $25 each for Challenger Missions.

1. Museum Visit (Exhibits + Planetarium Show + Live Science Show)
Up to 30 students max per group, 11 chaperones, $300

2. Workshop Package (Exhibits + Planetarium Show + 60 min Workshop)
Up to 32 students max per group, 11 chaperones, $450

3. Challenger Mission (Exhibits + Planetarium Show + 2.5 hr Challenger Mission)
Up to 32 students max per group, 11 chaperones, $750

Choose a package for the group(s) on this reservation.
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