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What kind of volunteer experience are you looking for with Inspire? You might have a really specific thing in mind and maybe very aware of what the possibilities are, or you might be exploring and learning about the organization. We welcome both and want to help find the best fit to work with you. Please share what you can. There is a checklist here to prompt, but we welcome more insight in the space provided at the next question.
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Depending on volunteer role, Inspire Community Outreach Inc. may require a current (within 3 months) Child Abuse Registry Check/Criminal Record Check to be submitted for your file. Are you willing and able to submit a Child Abuse Registry Check/Criminal Record Check? Please note that all volunteers must pay for and submit the Criminal Record Check certificate themselves (Child Abuse Registry Check fee is covered).
Please list three (3) references (at least 1 professional, volunteer, and/or academic reference, please.) For each, please state their full name, relationship to you, phone number/email address (email preferred if possible, please), and company/title as applicable.
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