TRC Constituent Survey
Teton Raptor Center's mission is to advance raptor conservation through education, research, and rehabilitation. It is important for us to hear from our constituents to better understand how we are doing and where we can be more impactful in the world of raptor conservation. Your feedback can help the birds. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below and be entered to win an original owl painting from artist Nicole Gaitan.
Overall, how familiar are you with Teton Raptor Center?
How do you engage with Teton Raptor Center? (Check all that apply)
Are you currently a donor to Teton Raptor Center?
How familiar are you with these different aspects of Teton Raptor Center's work?
What would you say makes Teton Raptor Center different from other organizations?
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Have you attended a TRC program or event within the last year?
What work is TRC doing that most inspires you?
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Suppose a friend asks your advice on what conservation group to support or get involved with? On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely would you be to recommend Teton Raptor Center?
Least Likely
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What do you believe is the top concern for the health of raptors where you live?
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Which raptor species most fascinates you?
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List below the names of any TRC resident raptors that you know.
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Overall, how satisfied are you with the way that Teton Raptor Center communicates with you?
To be entered to win this original Nicole Gaitan owl painting, please include your email below.
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What is your home zip code?
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Any additional comments for us?
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Thank you for investing your time to participate in this survey. Please consider a donation to Teton Raptor Center to help keep wild birds wild! Thanks for your support.
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