Registration for Grassroots customers who are also resellers or scouts (required)

Grassroots Books requires resellers to register. This holds true even for hobbyists and anyone who has more than 1 resale transaction a year. Anyone who is not able to register for themselves online must contact Zoe (don't try to register at the counter).

Resellers with a business license don't need to pay sales tax on items for resale. Submit a copy of a reseller certificate and business license in person or to

- if you set it aside, buy it
- leave it neater than you found it
- do not put anything on the ground - ask for a cart or put your thing on a tabletop (trip hazard)
- don't use oversize bags on Bag Sale days, even temporarily (like a yawn, this spreads)
- don't leave items in aisles (Outside Sale boxes should be completely under the tables, not sticking out - trip hazard)
- wait until there's no one waiting to check out
- see more rules below
- do not try to use our wishlist system to buy things for less than market value

(If you're just selling to us, you don't need to register.)

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What's your phone number?
Do you sell on If yes, provide a link to your Amazon shop. You can find this by going to and then select View Profile (near the top). (In case you want to see ours, it's )
"Here are the steps to follow to find your Amazon storefront link.

"Login to your Seller Central AccountLocate the Performance tab to find the Customer FeedbackYou will see a series of stars below this text – click on the link alongside those stars. This will take you to your Seller FeedbackFind the text that reads “See How Your Feedback Displays to Buyers on Amazon” and click on that link.In the URL of this landing page, you will see the following text: &seller=A – this is your store ID.You can now build your Amazon storefront link by placing your seller ID behind the Amazon link.It will look like this: "
Do you sell on eBay? If yes, provide your eBay store link. (To find this, from a page such as Feedback Profile, click View Items for Sale.) (In case you want to see ours, it's )
Do you sell on other sites online? Which ones? If you are a scout, which companies do you provide inventory for?
Are you ok with the rules above?
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We prohibit resellers from selling box sets and new books from us on the Internet. This is to honor our commitment with some of our vendors and also because we don't want you competing with us on the same platform.
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If we have surplus box sets or other items, would you like us to contact you so you can purchase from us and sell them online with our permission?
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We reserve the right to limit purchases. We often review resellers' purchases for 10 minutes or less. Typically we borrow the books/items before checkout.
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Do you sell items via an antique mall or other brick-and-mortar store / sale / event? If yes, where?
Is there anything else you sell online besides books? We sometimes find people who have antique dolls, cameras, etc, that might interest you. We can possibly introduce you to them.
Do you have any requests or offers for us? We would like to make more connections with people that we can do business with, long-term. (But we're not seeking more people who resell from us on Amazon.)
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