Inventory of Abandoned and Derelict Vessels in Virginia
Have you found a derelict or abandoned vessel? Or is the vessel drifting or otherwise unmoored? If so, please use this form to give us some information. Answer as many of the questions as you can.

Clean Virginia Waterways & the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program are partnering to co-facilitate a Work Group to address the issues associated with abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. An important first step is creating a state-wide inventory of such vessels, then prioritizing removal based on the information you provide below (hazards to navigation, risk to the environment, size/location of vessel, etc.). We appreciate any & all information you can provide in the form below.

Thanks for doing your part to improve the health & safety of our waterways & helping those who enjoy those resources!


Katie Register - Executive Director, Clean Virginia Waterways, Longwood University (
Jeff Flood - Coastal Planner, Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (

P.S. Are you an owner/manager of a marina or other boat-related businesses? If so, please put up our flyer to let boaters know about this inventory! You can request a flyer by using this link:

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Where is the vessel? Please list water body & latitude and longitude if possible. If not, list water body & nearest land address or town. The web site can help you find the latitude & longitude.
What habitat is the vessel currently in?
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Is the vessel stationary or drifting?
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If stationary, is the vessel sunk, moored, or both?
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How long has the vessel been abandoned or derelict & how long has it been at its current location?
Does the vessel appear to be a navigational hazard?
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Does the vessel appear to be leaking fuel or other chemicals? If yes, you can call the Environmental Protection Agency's National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.
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Does there appear to be other debris (natural or trash) near the vessel?
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Does the vessel appear to be occupied? Ex: people visible, evidence of current or recent activity (smoke, lights, noise, accessories, etc.?)
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Vessel Name? May be found on the hull near the bow or on the hull on the stern.
Vessel's registration number? The number usually found on the hull near the bow & must read left to right. Ex: VA-4696-AF
Vessel make & model
Is the vessel commercial or recreational?
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Vessel Length? (estimate is fine)
What is the vessel's color & hull type? If faded color or damaged, please add as many description details as possible.
Has the vessel been reported as a pollution threat before?
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If a previously reported pollution threat, are there National Response Center numbers to reference? If so, please list below.
Owner contact information? If the owner has been non-responsive, what names/numbers have you tried already?
Please provide any additional information about the vessel, including your known history of the vessel.
Photos of the boat (jpeg or PDF)
If you have a photo(s) of the boat you are reporting, please send them as an attachment to Please include the latitude and longitude so we can match up your photo(s) with the information you have entered on this form.
Please use this on-line form to report any additional vessels that you believe are abandoned and/or are derelict. If you would like to learn more about ADVs in Virginia, visit

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