Talk to Pixie (pikkc)
getting to work at Brand - Pikk Squad. Lets get to know you! 
My AI pikkc {pixie} has to get to know you first! So Good Luck! 

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Hi! I'm Pixie! I would like to know you name!? I'm learning to talk to people :)
How old are you!? If you don't mind. Please I need to know when can we celebrate your Birthday!?
I pinky promise never to spam you. What is the email address you use?
what number do we buzz you on? (Phone Number)
What study/work place do you bunk?
What is your Instagram ID? Also follow me on mine please it is this is how we are gonna stay in touch! You can also see me in action there! 😉
what Games excite you? (pc/phone/gaming console)
What Series do you like to watch!? Which all are your Favorite one's!?
Anything you like to watch that we missed out on?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Where do you like to break your Sweat!?
What is your dream moment? If we are in 2030?
Where would you like to see yourself 4 Years from now? *
One Word that tells me what you are best at? *
Which city is do you study or work in?
Ehh I was Hungry! You know whatever we spoke about is safe in my Tummy! Many Thanks! it was Great talking to you Buddy! ✌️
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