SCGS Parent Volunteer (PV) Sign-Up Form 2022
The SCGS Parent Support Group (PSG) strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the SCGS family. Please visit our website at to find out more about us. If you have any questions, please send us an email at

As registration is done on an annual basis, SCGS parents who have registered as a Parent Volunteer (PV) in previous years should register again and indicate their area/s of interest as a PV for 2022. So please sign up now!

Thank you!

(Note: This PSG registration is only for parents with daughters already in SCGS. If you would like to apply to be a volunteer with regards to being eligible for Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise, then please contact the school directly.)
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Salutation *
Surname *
Given Name(s) *
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Vehicle No.
Birthday Month
Name of Eldest Daughter in SCGS in 2022 *
Level of Eldest Daughter in SCGS in 2022 *
Class of Eldest Daughter in SCGS in 2022
(Optional if you've not been informed of your daughter's class in 2021)
Name of Second Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Level of Second Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Class of Second Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Name of Third Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Level of Third Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Class of Third Daughter in SCGS in 2022
Programmes I'm Interested In
You may volunteer in one or more programme(s) regardless of the Division (Primary or Secondary) that your daughter is in. Tick as many options as you're interested in so that the Programme Coordinator/s can send you more information. You do not need to commit to a programme immediately, unless you wish to or unless a programme requires a regular commitment. Some PSG programmes only run once/twice a year or on an ad-hoc basis.

(*) For mums only     (#) For dads only
Classroom-Based Programmes
CHARACTER FIRST (Pri) - Sharing lessons on positive character traits
JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT (Pri) - Teaching money management and entrepreneurship
LIFESKILLS (Pri) - Teaching school readiness, etiquette, cooking, sewing, home skills, and art & craft (*)
Recess Activities
CHESS (Pri) - Opening a venue for the girls to play chess during Wednesday's one-hour lunch
CHINESE READING (Pri) - Cultivating interest in Chinese language and culture (*)
HEALTH CLUB (Pri) - Promoting a healthy lifestyle through games and activities
LIBRARY (Pri) - Book collection management, story telling and event planning (*)
RECESS MUMS (Pri) - Ensuring safe play during Wednesday's one-hour extended recess (*)
BEFRIENDERS (Sec) - Extending hospitality to our foreign students (*)
RAISE YOUR HAND! (Pri/ Sec) - Recruiting parent volunteers and managing communication channels like our PSG website and online newsletters
Event Management
DADS@SCGS (Pri/ Sec) - Helping organise dad & daughter bonding events (#)
DADS@SCGS (Pri/ Sec) - Participating in events only (#)
HOME ROOM (Pri/ Sec) - Organising events to promote bonding for the SCGS PSG family
P1 INDUCTION (Pri) - Assisting Primary 1 teachers in settling Primary 1 pupils into the school routine (*)
SEC 4 GIFTS OF ENCOURAGEMENT (only for Sec 4 parents)
School-Driven Activities
SEC 4 STUDY CAMP - Sponsoring light dinners
VALUES IN ACTION (Sec) - Identifying and developing opportunities to serve the community. Providing on-site support while serving alongside our students.
Ad Hoc Activities
GENERAL - Assisting the PSG when we participate in school events
Chaperoning School Activities (Sec)
Other Skills & Talent To Contribute
Please let us know if you have a unique talent / skill that you would like to share or have access to resources that will benefit the school and its students.
For Parents of Sec 1 to Sec 4 Girls Only
Would you like to be included in the parents Whatsapp group chat (1 group chat for all Sec levels)? We will use the mobile number you gave above.
Consent *
Kindly note that photographs and videos may be taken at PSG events and activities. These may be posted on the SCGS PSG website ( and other communication channels such as e-newsletter and social media.  Please indicate your acknowledgement and consent that photographs and videos of you may be published in such manner:
Declaration *
I agree to join the SCGS PSG. I understand the information that I have provided here will be used by the SCGS PSG for the sole purpose of planning its activities and that SCGS PSG Coordinators of the programme(s) that I have ticked above will be periodically contacting me to keep me informed of their upcoming events and activities. I may contact if I wish to have my name removed from the PSG member list or if I am contacted for non-SCGS PSG-related activities.
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