The spotlight is on YOU!
Imagine a world where you can learn from whoever YOU choose! Wouldn't that be just- awesome?

We at ACEDGE are trying to understand from you what in your academic pursuit and your growth into a professional has influenced you the most.

Ok, we'll be honest; this survey will need some thinking (wild imagination, may be) and therefore it will need some of your time. So attempt this at your leisure and at a relatively unhurried part of your day. Go ahead and tell us about the  dream scenarios you have.
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1. I want to better my understanding about...
The list may be endless and to a motivated learner like you, perhaps ever-growing too. Give us your top 5 topics!
Tell us about at least 5 topics that YOU would really like to expand your current understanding in? Keep it architecture, construction and design-centric for now please :)
2. My dream mentors would be...
Imagine your dream mentor giving you personal attention and inputs while you are slaving away at a design problem!
Give us the names of at least 5 architects YOU really look up to in India- (living and in practice or academia ideally!) who YOU would like to be mentored by?
3. I stumbled upon...
Tell us about some very interesting architects, teachers, designers or individuals that you came across who left you with something to think about, feel inspired or taught you a very valuable lesson in your journey to becoming an architect.
Give us the names of 5 people that really touched you in your architectural journey. (Please do share the contact details if you have them or online links to read up more about them.)
4.  I dream of designing a...
Scale and size of project is of no relevance, we are only interested in your interest! It could be a hawker zone intervention or a 5 star hotel, it doesn't matter- just tell us what would interest you.
Tell us about 5 design exercises YOU would be very happy to undertake?
5. The way I like to understand another architect's work is....
There might be certain aspects of design that YOU like better than the rest. Tell us what interests YOU in another designer's work.
When you are attempting to understand the design of an architect that you like- what portion of it is most exciting to YOU? Be honest, we don't judge. *
1 (Least exciting)
5 (Most exciting)
Pre-design: The process that the architect used with the client to arrive at the design requirements, scope and intent of the project?
Design: The ideas behind the design
Detailed design: The nuts and bolts of what makes the project work
Construction: The practical aspects of executing at site
Review: Peer, magazine, academia and user reviews to understand the success and resolve issues if any
Any other aspect of design that you look for, but we missed?
6. My attention span...
We would like to know how much time you can spend comfortably on the following
The amount of time YOU would spend on a video that teaches you something interesting.
Clear selection
The amount of time YOU would spend on an online talk/ webinar that teaches you something interesting
Clear selection
The amount of time YOU would spend in a week on a course that teaches you something interesting
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Any additional comments?
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