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HaloGas is a web and mobile based cooking gas ordering platform that connects cooking gas delivery drivers with customers through mobile and GPS technology. Think of it as UBER for cooking gas. We are trying to make gas ordering fast, convenient and quick instead of the usual way of calling the gas driver via phone call. 


We Are A Team Of Energetic Youth With Strong Startup Background!
90% of our company is formed by people who are less than 27 years old. Although we are young but we are passionate and driven to bring a solution to make a change in the gas industry...and we have fun doing it. Wanna work with young people? This is the place to be!

We Are a Team Where We Learn From Each Other
There is NO director, NO manger, NO big bosses that will screw the hell out of you, we are all here to learn! Made mistakes? LOL we have all done tons of that and still doing tons of it, it’s part of the process. Fail your way to success is what we believe in.

We Highly Value Your Opinion
We are a small team of less than 10 people in the company, therefore we kinda work like a family. With that, each of every team member plays a big role. We take all opinions and suggestion that would improve our business very seriously. There is no " Must follow boss's instructions" rule in this office. We want you to join in the discussion and i challenge you to voice out your disagreement to any executives that you think should be amended.

Flexible Working Hour And Dress Code
We want to form a culture that would maximise everyone's productivity. Which means there are no specific dress code and strict working hour. To us, we want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. No long sleeves, no leather shoes, no unnecessary bullshit. Moreover, we have an official working hour but truthfully we do not put too much of a focus on that. Because we believe, the number of hours you spend in the office does NOT EQUAL to how much work you've done. We are more of a task oriented company.Besides, there is also no specific lunch hour, you can have drink and snacks at anytime or even take a nap at our sleeping area when you feel tired of working.

We Are Constantly Improving Our Culture
We aspire to be a company with great culture where young people would like to work in. You know the feeling when it's Sunday night and you feel terrible because you are needed to wake up at 6a.m the next day to go to work? Boy that feeling is one of the worst. F*ck THAT. We want to create a culture where people would feel excited for Monday. We spend most of our day time working, why not make it awesome?

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate, energetic ones who will definitely enjoy the fun, joy, and experience that we will bring to you.

Working hour: 10 A.M to 6:00 P.M
Office: B-13A-09 ,Menara Prima, Jln PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, 47301, Petaling Jaya

No experience or skill? No problem! As long as you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach! Fill up the form below to secure an interview.
A glance at our startup office
HaloGas Team Photo in Bangkok, Thailand
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