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A Clean Bake Reader Survey (2016)
What diet do you follow (foods do you avoid)? Please check all that apply to your household.
How often do you read A Clean Bake (per month)?
How do you access A Clean Bake Content?
What kind of device do you read A Clean Bake on most of the time?
How did you first hear about A Clean Bake?
What is your favorite thing about A Clean Bake?
Your answer
What is your least favorite thing about A Clean Bake?
Your answer
What kind of content do you wish you would see on A Clean Bake that you don't see (or don't see enough of)?
Your answer
When you read the posts, do you...
To access the recipes, do you...
I make A Clean Bake Recipes
If you answered "I never make ACB recipes", what would make you more likely to try one?
Your answer
When you make A Clean Bake recipes did you find them?
Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?
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