Three Peaks Challenge 2022 - Expression of Interest
Please complete and submit this form to register your interest in the Three Peaks Challenge 2022, which will take place on Saturday 5 November. The information collected here will be used to communicate with those interested in participating in the 2022 event.
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The "Pensioner's Peaks" is a shorter event, starting with the main event, in which participants do not return to Greenmarket Square between the peaks. Instead, they go directly from Devil's Peak (via Tafelberg Road and Platteklip Gorge) to Maclear's Beacon, and directly to Lion's Head after descending Platteklip again, returning to Greenmarket Square only after summiting Lion's Head. To be eligible for this subsidiary event, you must be a permanent number holder, i.e. have completed at least 5 (five) full Three Peaks Challenge events.
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