Tyler Public Library Meeting Space Reservation
If you'd like to book a meeting at the Tyler Public Library, please fill out this form. This is not a guarantee that you will have the space. You will be contacted by a staff member to discuss your program. Please read our policy to ensure our space is for you and then proceed to the form.

By completing this form, you hereby state that you understand all library policies governing use of the meeting rooms and accept the responsibility for any damage to property.
Auditorium Policy
1. USE — When not needed for library purposes or official city business, the Taylor Auditorium, at the Tyler Public Library, is available free of charge during regular hours to nonprofit groups planning public presentations of an educational, cultural or civic nature, including but not limited to lectures, films, presentations and debates.

Due to limitations in maintenance funding and staff and to provide the most appropriate use of library space, club meetings; commercial activities; private parties; individual presentations and other similar events more suitable for facilities such as the city’s neighborhood community centers, other parks and recreation sites or commercially available meeting locations, will not be booked for the Taylor Auditorium. A club meeting consisting primarily of a public presentation that will be of interest to the general public will, however, be allowed. Any other use may be considered on an individual basis by the City Librarian in consultation with the Library Board and City Manager.

The booking group may not enter the auditorium for setup before the Library is open to the public, and programs must conclude (including takedown) 15 minutes before the Library closes. Any group causing the staff to remain late will be billed for the salaries of all staff needed to stay. Any repeat occurrence will result in the group’s being banned from use of the auditorium.

2. ADMISSION — No admission fees may be made for any programs presented in the auditorium. Charges for any materials or food distributed at a program must not exceed recovery of the original purchase cost (except where proceeds are to go to the library).

3. RESERVATIONS — The auditorium will be booked for qualified programs on a first-come, first served basis at least two weeks but no more than eight weeks in advance. In any case, library or city needs will take precedence over all reservations. Anyone reserving the room must have a form submitted and signed off in advance.

4. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION — All groups booking the auditorium must submit a description of their proposed program in sufficient detail to allow the Library to ascertain the nature of the program.

5. AGREEMENT — A standard form must be signed by a responsible party, 18 years of age or older, before a reservation can be completed. In signing this form, organizations using the auditorium agree to be fully responsible for any damage to the room or its contents. Charges will be billed for any damage based upon actual repair or replacement costs.

6. SETUP AND CLEANING — Each group booking the auditorium is responsible for their own setup of tables and chairs and for leaving the auditorium as clean as possible after use. Nothing may be fastened or adhered to the doors or any surface inside the auditorium other than the tack wall panels at the back of the room. Thumbtacks (not nails) and tape may be used on the tack wall panels.

7. EQUIPMENT — Wi-Fi is available in the auditorium (COT Guest). Groups must provide their own laptops and HDMI cord. Groups must inform staff before leaving to turn off equipment.

8. REFRESHMENTS — Only nonalcoholic beverages and light refreshments such as cookies and finger foods may be served in the auditorium. The Friends of the Library have made a coffee maker available in the kitchen, which may be used with the reserving group’s own supplies, but must be cleaned after use. Ordinarily the reserving group provides disposable cups and utensils. The reserving group is also responsible for leaving the kitchen in a clean condition after use, including food from the fridge. If there is a lot of trash, the group must inform Library staff.

9. SMOKING — All groups using the auditorium must enforce the city’s non-smoking ordinance covering the library. Smoking is not permitted in the auditorium, rest rooms, or anywhere in the building and must be confined to the outdoor smoking area at the east end of the building only.

10. AUTHORITY — The decision of the City Librarian concerning the conditions of use of the Taylor Auditorium with respect to these rules will be final.
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