Festival 2019 Class Submissions
Thank you for your interest in supporting the Arts and Sciences at Rowany Festival by organising a class! (Please fill out this form once for each class.) The cut-offs are as follows:

10th February: Submit by this date for a 98% guarantee that I can accommodate your venue and scheduling constraints.
3rd March: Submit by this date for a guaranteed spot on the schedule
24th March: Submit by this date for your class to be included on the printed timetable if I can find a spot for it

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch at meredith.waldron1@gmail.com.
Yours in Service,
Lady Gwen verch David, A&S Coordinator, Rowany Festival 2019
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What age groups is this class suitable for?
We want to help children and teenagers integrate into activities outside the Schola tent, but you're under no obligation to open your class up to other age groups if you don't want to.
Class description
For example: "An introduction to patterning a basic T-tunic, including a practical section to work out a pattern based on your own measurements. Bring a spare measuring tape if you have one!"
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Does your class need a specific type of venue?
E.g. electric lighting, outdoors, large venue, quiet, etc
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Do you have specific scheduling constraints?
Will your class take longer than an hour? Are you offsite for part of the event? Are there other activities you need to not clash with?
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Other Information
Is there any other information about your class that I should know? Does it require pre-booking? Is there a fee for participation?
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General inquiries
Do you have any questions or suggestions about A&S at Festival? Please let me know, and I'll get back to you
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