BSidesLV 2023 PvJ CTF Sign-up for Pros
Calling All Pros!

Pro registration for the BSidesLV Pros V Joes competition is now open!

Pros V Joes website:
(Please note the game is on Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9)

What is the Pros V Joes CTF?

This event is an opportunity for average users (Joes) to try their hand at both the offensive and defensive side of computer security.  For the Pros, it's a chance to hone and show off their skills while helping others to learn and better themselves.  It's also a lot of fun.

Joes are split up into teams, each with a Pro captain, and given their own network to defend against the other Pros in our Red Cell.  Each team's network comes complete with all of the services, servers, and desktops common to an organization today. Of course, there will be more than a few surprises...

If you are applying as a Blue Pro, your mission is to help your team secure the services and systems, find the Red Cell, and expel them while keeping them from getting back in.  If you are applying as a Red Pro...well, you know what your job will be.  ;-)

All Pros are expected to be courteous and friendly to Joes, helping them learn and better themselves throughout the event.

For two days, players will attack and defend in live networks, breaking into each other's systems to steal flags for fame and glory.  Each team is provided with their own network that is full of servers and workstations to defend.  All of this gear is housed in a dedicated and isolated network that we affectionately call the Gaming Grid.  Players need only to connect to the environment over VPN.  (Players' personal machines will not be in the line of fire, if you follow the rules...  ;-)

You can’t join and learn if you don’t send in the form!

The environment to host this CTF is currently undergoing active construction and will be laced with various surprises to keep the game interesting.  The networks that the Blue Teams must defend will be a mix of Windows and Linux, with the typical Internet services (web, DNS, mail, etc) and more obscure systems and services.
At the end, a winning team will be announced.

You, the Pros, are pivotal for this event to be successful. We need your skills and experience, as well as your help training and tutoring the Joe's.

I'd like to ask each Pro to respond with a bit of information about yourself - your background, your level of experience, and your area of expertise.  This information will help tailor the game so that we can make the best use of the talent in the Pro pool.

We will not share your responses with anyone other than our PvJ Staff.

In the days and weeks ahead, I'd like to build a dialog amongst the Pros.  As we get closer to the event, we will be reaching out to applicants to determine where the best fit might be.  Red Applicants can expect to be tested in our Proving Grounds, so be prepared to show us your mettle.  Blue Applicants will undergo an interview process before being accepted.

Lastly, if anyone has questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to tweet me @dichotomy1.  I'm very open to new ideas, and think a group collaboration can only make this event better.

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I eat flows, sigs, and pcaps for breakfast
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I pwn all the things
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I pwn all the things
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APT don't got nothin' on me
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I am as unseen as the wind...
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Take out my shells and you rip out your own spine
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