A Response from Hampshire College Faculty, Staff, and Alumnx to Recent Announcements by Hampshire College Senior Leadership
We, the undersigned Hampshire College staff, faculty, and alumnx, write to express our dismay and deep concern about the recent announcement and decision making process regarding future directions for the College. We call on the senior leadership to admit the fall 2019 first year class and to immediately put in place a process that ensures that faculty and staff will be truly and fully engaged in a transparent and collaborative decision making process that reflects Hampshire’s tradition of shared governance.

Not accepting a fall 2019 first year class has been presented as a strategic, ethical, and economic decision, but this does not necessarily account for the human costs to our current community—among these, layoffs that could destroy the careers and livelihood of Hampshire employees who have dedicated their personal and professional lives to make Hampshire what it is, and the impact on existing students who may feel compelled to leave the college. We are concerned this path forward will exacerbate exactly the budget issues that the Trustees have fiduciary responsibility for, and risks irreparable damage to the educational community in the supposed guise of saving the institution. This decision betrays the trust of the current students, faculty, and staff. If the people and the values and the work that built Hampshire are sacrificed in pursuit of a strategic merger, we no longer have the institution. Instead of creating a possible downward spiral, we need to bring in a new class that has chosen Hampshire for our unique curriculum, and who will work alongside us to forge a new future for the college.

In our boldness in living, learning, and teaching from our values, the people are the most important asset here. The current strategy has not taken into consideration this most precious asset. Yet, there has been a manufactured and false sense of democratic input that violates our open, shared governance covenant. These decisions appear to have been made prior to and independent of the democratic work of the visioning committees and governance committees we are promised. The recent major decisions about us—Hampshire students, faculty, staff, and alumnx—have been made entirely without us.

It is essential that any new strategy for the future of the College includes and prioritizes the retention of current faculty, staff, and students, including our financial and professional protection going forward. We have been told that care for the interests of students, faculty, and staff is a guiding principle informing recent decisions, but these interests are not reflected in the processes and practices we have seen. Without the people who have built Hampshire, against great odds and always with the utmost heart and dedication—the faculty, staff, and students who ARE Hampshire—there is no Hampshire.

We reject any future for Hampshire that treats the mission and vision of the College, as well as the current community of faculty, staff, and students, as collateral damage in the search to secure Hampshire’s longevity in a time of massive change. Those of us on campus, aware of the challenges facing liberal arts colleges, have long anticipated that many changes would be coming. We have always offered our wisdom to support a path forward. We are ready and willing to co-create change with care, courage, and nuance, and we must be part of creating a collective vision of a Hampshire future.


Aaron Berman, CSI, 1970
Laura Greenfield, Faculty Associate CSI
Dr. Wilson Valentïn-Escobar, Associate Professor, Hampshire College
Stephanie Katz F08
Falguni A. Sheth, Emory University (former Hampshire faculty, CSI)
Jennifer Hamilton (Faculty)
Susana Loza, Associate Professor
Teal Van Dyck F06, Ethics & the Common Good Project
William Cabret 2013
Damian Ashton (2006)
Dr. Priscilla Page
Gia Del Pino F’11
Shelby Schwartz
Finley Janes 2014
Fi Stewart-Taylor, F10
Genia Blaser, F01
Casey Chon, F14 (graduated May 2018)
David Mark (01)
Thanu Yakupitiyage, 03F
Yasmine Farhang, Class of 2007
Karen Koehler, faculty
Sarah J. Bleviss, MPS - F01
Jeffrey Wallen
Will MacAdams
Claudio Nolasco
Monique Roelofs, Professor of Philosophy, Hampshire College
Flavio Risech-Ozeguera
Lynda Pickbourn
Patricia Montoya
Kathryn Swanson (nee Long) f01
Rage Kidvai
Ethan Meyers
David S. Meyer, ‘77f
Stephen Dillon, Assistant Professor and Critical Race and Queer Studies
Hope Tucker, Assistant Professor of Video and Film
Alan Goodman
Dasha Chapman
Kimberly Chang
Daniel Warner, Prof. of Music
Joanna Morris
Ernie Alleva
Anne Hendrixson, f91
Grace Donahue, F2008
Prof. Daniel Kojo Schrade
Mary Russo, Professor of Literature and Critical Theory , Emerita
Sarah Steely, F02
Salman Hameed
Benjamin Cooper, Class of 2007
Megan Dobro
Mia Kim Sullivan
Junko Oba
Jeff Bergman, 96F
Deborah A. Goffe
Will F. Young 02’
Rudi X Cohen F07
Ryan Mihaly F08
Peter Hollander S83
Susan C Katz
Jessica Nepomiachi F01
Ben Segal 03F
John Castorino, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
Dani Cattan
Caren Kaplan 1973
David Meehan F10
Maya Sungold 12F
Madeleine Ehrlich
Connor Grogan F’10
Mei Seva
Jordan Grob 04F
Jennifer Sensenich F'11
Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh, class of 08
Marlene Gerber Fried
Linda Stone 77F
Jill Fishman F03
Kane Stewart F85
Roosbelinda Cardenas
Kate Brandt, F01
Omar Dahi
Adrian Catao 2003
Daniel Kohn 83F
Bera Dunau F06
Jacob Speaks
Alexis Salas, Visting Assistant Professor, Art of the Americas
Katherine Trinity Weiss FO6
Ellen (Devos) Winter F'82
Bradford Smith, 05F
Lucas Zavala '05
Nick Marshall, F07
Joe Aranda S10
Shaina Jones
Tess Ornstein, ‘09
Traci Laichter 11F
Ava Agree F07
Preston Smith (Professor, Mount Holyoke College)
Sunny Maguire, F01
Jessa Orluk S'11
Jonathan Gardner, F11
Andrew Rosa, 1989
Isabel Espinal
Margaret Cerullo Professor, Sociology and Feminist Studies
Scott Miller F13
Dot Goldberger, F08
Jessie Friedman F00
Sadie Shurberg F13
Adam Blaustein Rejto, F13
Ben Kiem 12F
Angela Moore 92F
Jim Wald
Margaret Fisher F13
Peter Kallok, IA, Associate Professor of Theatre
Bruce Quaglia F83
Victoria Quine, F06
Jane Jerardi (F93)
Uzma Aslam Khan
Robert C. Penn Jr. (96F)
Jack Barrett F01
Aryne Seigel Blumklotz f89
Rachel Osborn 03F
Cedar Landsman F99
Michael L. Wilson F81
Audrey Carangelo F80
Will Ryan
Drew Lydecker F03
Jennifer Rudolph
Audrey Wachs F08
Anne Phelan 79F
Jesse Ditkoff 12F
Akiva Freidlin, F01
Ben Barson F06
Devin Morse, F10
Pauline Miller F11
Dimitry Loseff, 83F
Robin Shtulman F85 P17
Rhianna Tyson Kreger, F98
Lise Zumwalt 74F
Devon Cruz, F02
emma zofia zachurski f08
Robert Meagher, Professor of Humanities
Daniel Crocker, F94
April Merleaux (faculty)
Lee Smolin 72F (Founding and Senior Faculty, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Viveca Greene
Sophie Sidhu, F98
Jenny March (Morgan) 2003F
Sylvia Organ 80F
Michelle Kaye, F03
Tanja Hollander F90
Kay Johnson
Cinamon Blair F08
Ness (Vanessa) Bellini, f'09
Jennifer Bajorek
Tana Pierro, F06
John Spence F97
Susan Dickson-Smith, F92
Owen Callahan, PhD, F98
Meghan Willing, 2008
Betsy Hartmann
Nadia Guessous, Colorado College (UMass/Five College graduate and former staff member at Hampshire)
Laura Melbin, associate dean of advising
Nickey Robare, F00
Erin Black, F01
Rose Carr F’13
Lucy Lesser f96
gabby fluke-mogul f09
Chelsea Kai Roesch (F10)
Sal Migliaccio 11F
Elan Goldman, Research and Technology Alumni Fellow, F14
Sam Nordli, F10
Ella Hall, F07
Meredith Crafton F00
Eric Peterson F06
Casey Andrews, F08
Sarah Stodghill (F79)
Acadia Jacob F09
Joseph Keith F85
Molly Christie F92
Kelly Sears f96
Melissa Richmond S81
Katelin Wilton F05
Rachel Nolan 14F
Stephanie Kauffman F01
Amy Halliday
Summer Hirtzel 08F
McLean Zauner F11
Irissa Baxter F10
Sol Kelley-Jones 05F
Sara Webber
Jeremy Brown F04
Karan Thakker, Transfer student.
Sanaa Baxamoosa F'03
Ella Wind F08
Julia Stutts (F88)
Erin Dietrich F99
Jason Cilo F88
Morgan Sweeney, F13
Daphne Lowell, faculty
William Brayton
Alex Ott F95
Simone Meltesen, F01
John Wildman
Dana Lee Mengwasser, F'07
Jodi Levine F84
Ethan Goldberger, F99
Rachel Elder F95
Diego Rodriguez-Warner Fall '05
Olana Flynn F09
Simone Stemper F05
Tasya Abbot S12
Chrissy Rivera 04F
Rodger F. Blum (chair, FCDD)
Spencer Friedman F08
Nathalie Arnold Koenings
Alexandra Frank F03
Javiera Benavente
Gideon Bass F05
Djola Branner
Michael Zenner f89
Maggie Shannon F06
Lisa Warren F09
Jessica Greenberg F01
Courtney Price, F09
Christina Cianfrani
Ellen Bernstein
Howard Tarplin 72F
Christian Matesanz F10
Ross Ford F96
Nicole Libresco F73
CJ Holm F00
Batya Anne Sobel F95
Rhys Ernst, S01
Kaca Bradonjic, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Senti Sojwal, F09
Rachel Nagler F02
William Franzosa F14
Arpita Kumar, F03
Stanley Goos S74
Nico Gómez-Horton F'13
Drew Beck, F99
Lisa Modenos, UWW UMass Amherst
Lisa Brown F94
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Associate Prof., Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Lazuli Liu, F14
Sally Monroe F10
Julia Terry F01
Ben Goldsmith, F08
Scotti Goss f00
Alexis Cespedes
Quin Rich F12, Class Of 2016
Luna Goldberg S12
David Wagner
Emma Gabriner F08
Karen Warren
Jen Meagher F89
cory cohcrane F06
Sofia Arnold F14
Marissa Jones F04
Sherri Brown F02
Fraylie Nord F06
Norman Holland
Jova Vargas F06
Chris Lewis-Gonzalez Fletcher F'01
Jansyn Thaw, Hampshire CSI staff member
Maggie Hart, F09
Victoria Briggs F12
Jennifer Guglielmo (Smith College)
Louisa Benarbane F15
Ally McCarthy F10
Baba Hillman
Lisa DeGrace F'88
Julia Gladstone F08
Bobby Rivera, Assistant Professor, St. John’s University
Abraham Ravett
Emily Timmel, F93
Deb Shoval, Spring ‘98
Alexis Hall F03
Emily Packer F11
Adam J. Kimmerlin F96
Nat Stratton-Clarke F00
Emmett Adams F14
Christoph Cox, faculty
Wilson (Kelsey) Freeman F02
Jakki Spicer F89
Thomas Howard Brown F10
Emily Drummer F09
Rowen White F97
Shannon Abraham-Cook (McKay-Cook), F97
Sara Jewell F13
Charlene D'Avanzo, Professor of Ecology, Emerita
Warren Gorlick F77
Michele Hardesty, Associate Professor of US Literatures and Cultural Studies
Jessica Rechtschaffer F88
Tierra Wilkins
Carol szarmach (14F parent)
Oona Coy F96
Faune Albert, F02
sara kaplan
Mia Reilly F2014
Carollee Bengelsdorf, Professor Emerita of Politics
Kevin Wiliarty, ITS
Haley Morgan, F04
Erin Jackson F03
Leanna Pohevitz F08
Zachary Novak F11
Julia Firestone 06F
Donald Everhart F05
Rachel Gaffney F10
Morgana Rhalina Hartman, F08
Andrew Friedberg 2005
Emily Ike F06
Jon Reed, fall 1986
Cole Callahan
Richard Sinrich F81
Dani Slabaugh F05
Michael Drucker F09
A. Nilesh Fernando, F03
Keliy Anderson-Staley F96
Peter Gilford
Eileen Meyer F00
Lawrence J. Winship, NS, Emeritus Professor of Botany
Lucas C. Ospina F12
Ellen Donkin
Ashley Smith
Ariana Skye-Babbott F09
Margo A. Dalal
Hannah Gaschott Frieri F04
Rachel Ingraham F06
Shira Gitlin F13
Molly Merrett F02
Maggie Flattery F04
Ben Tavares F08
Kathi Kaity, F08
Jacob Levitin F10
Elisa Martinez F16
Helene Busby F98
Ned Allyn Parker 95F
Katharine Duckett F04
Mo Karn F04
Lauren Burke
Sarah Hunter F05
Eli Plenk, F10
M Alicia Caceres F92
Christian Baer 06
Evan Haefeli F88
Jutta Sperling
Harry Thompson F04
Nicole Bindler F95
Anabel Hilly F17
Ivy Skinner, F14
Susan King
Claire Turner F07
Dutch Clark
Judith Mann, Prof Emerita
Seeta Sistla
Maribel Moses F12
Laila Tomsovic F99
Adam Ackerman F90
Robert Pirani, F77
Tim Kovolenko F09
Jude Kallok F01
Glenn Armitage
Rebecca Costello, F00
Janis Benincasa 74F
Victoria Bagshaw F02
Jesse Steinmetz F11
Amy Jordan
S. Billie Mandle
Rowan Lupton F13
Emmett Roberts
Ilana Rossoff F08
Lars Mackenzie F06
Laura Sizer
Alejandro Cuellar, Faculty Associate, Writing Program and Alumni (S00)
Miya Seegmiller F11
Alan Tod Gillespie F89
Darleane Torres
Kate MacGregor
Ben Bailey F14
Joanna Weinberg Lawless, F95
Maria Fitch
Michelle Jarrett Worth F97
Mercer Gary (Smith 2015, Hampshire in Cuba, 2014)
Cihan Tekay F04
David Morgan, F02
Yijie Zhu (F14)
Lucy Augustine F10
KC Phillips F05
Allison Brown F96
Joellen Wojcik F13
Paul Ulan F85
Tomer Stern F13
Melissa Lohman-Wild F88
Aaron Cohen F90
Renata Brito-Cherrin F11
Jake Kolpas F07
Eris Johnson-Smith F03
Ethan Donahue F16
Shira Rosenhaft, F98
Andrew Dickson F96
Paula Peng F99
Aaron Steinberg F12
Leo Kleint F07
Ben Dryer F92
Alex Emmanuele F12
Kate Browne F78
Max Carter F12
Aurora Brainsky-Roth F13
Myrna Breitbart, Professor Emerita
snem DeSellier F14
Thom Long
P. George Mathew F85
Marechal Brown S74
Eri Svenson, F16 (transfer)
Katie Crisona F06
Robin Jaffin F79
Kate Sosin F04
Baie Rogers F14
William Amado Syldor-Severino
Andrea Dezsö, Professor of Art
Ben Neusius F02
Sam Baden, F00
Deborah Agre, F-74
Fiona Otway F96
Micheal Rice
Chani Bockwinkel F07
Michael Rice F07
Ébun Nazon-Power F16
Mikveh Warshaw '08
Rachel Conrad, Professor of Childhood Studies
Paul Sammak, F74
Meghan Gannon Rehbein F94
Lorene Howell F01
Gideon Bok F89
Stephen Hopkins F95
Jenna Bitar, F10
Sura Levine, professor of art history
Daniel Albert Joslyn F12
Jenna Baillargeon 15F
Amy Goldstein, class of ‘76
Jane Marsching f85
Jon Butler F11
Josia DeChiara F13
Sarah Hews
Justin Johnson F10
Dana Finkelstein '09
Talia Adi, F10
Jamie Evare F04
Ben Fleisher, F96
Emma Binder F11
Wendy Hysko F93
Erik Amlee F88
Mary Hardy F89
Ilya Bronchtein F11
Georgia Kral 00F
Adam Quinn 10F
Brett Astor F88
Mickey Denoncourt f99
Hilary Varney F08
Frank Holmquist
Melissa Burch
Elizabeth Meyersohn Lecturer,Smith College
Katherine See (nee Bought on) S00
Cassandra de Alba, F07
Ken Drake
Natalie Sowell
Sue Darlington, professor of Anthropology & Asian Studies
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, former Associate Professor of Art
Caroline Belge F14
Brad King
Mohammad Abdullah Kawish F18
Marisa Cochrane F03
Jeffrey Markert F83
Frances Aparicio
Sarah Fitta
Michael Karmody F84
Elizabeth Neave F81
Mimi Taft F72
Matt Bargar F95
Kelsey Langkammer, F09
Daniel Tamberelli F00
Joseph Minton F’86
Amy Putnam
Laura Ansill F10
Lilith Spencer F08
Quincy Saul, '06
Melissa Ibarra
Susan O'Hara parent of current student
Arthur S. ("Steve") Boal F79
Joseph Huff-Hannon, F97
Charles Theonia F06
Zachary Apony F10
Dean Hubbard, F78
Rodrigo Padilla F11
Corey Lynch
Jamie Balmer F01
Jed Hilly, F80
Casey Rocheteau F03
Melia Chase F09
Gianna Rodriguez F03
Ollie schwatz, staff 2013
Christopher Ernst F98
Alessandra Crookston F06
Aliza Yarrow F00
Amy Mittelman (oral historian for the College; P05, P08)
Che Hurley 03
Randi Levy (F90)
Rae Ann Wentworth-Cadieux
Stephen Sues F07
Nicholas L. Kane
Dr. Cookie Woolner F92
Kate Osba, F00
Maggie Shar F99
Sarah Whelden F02
Rebecca Lewis Wang F89
Nicholas Ward '16
Aaron Ferguson
Lindsay Kerby, 05F
George Fourlas
Mike Goodman, F01
Diane Page, family of alumni and faculty
Jaime Dávila, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Sophia Holtz F07
Keith Anderson 86F
Alissa Graff F10
Brendan Sweeney F07
Chris Sommer f04
Lisa Kulick Aidan F79
Danielle Tucker
Peter Miller F96
Nathan Kensinger F97
Aaron Evans-Janes (F03)
Sean Norton (F94), former Stewardship Coordinator
Michael Klare, Five College professor emeritus of peace and world security studies
Shauna Gordon-McKeon F03
Alima Catellacci F’08
Emily Ho Han, F96
Robert D. Tucker 81F
Evan Silberman, F07
Cat / Milo Bezark F14 & HLP Alumni Fellow
Colby Colodner F10
Lailye Weidman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance
Jason M Tor
Regina williams (née Hughes)f98
Cheryl Pironto P11
Scott Pauker F95
Kate Magram, F91
Mateo Medina, F09
Tiz Rome
Kelly (David C.)
Katelyn Baker F06
Raven Fowlkes-Witten
Gabriela Blanco Bobea F05
Ruth Steel Mock, F01
Tatiana Soutar F07
Melissa Allen F79
Jaffer Abid, 08
Jacques Boudreau F08
Pamela Stone F86
Nora Stedman F09
Andrew Scheirer
Karina von Karolyi F'05
Arthur H. Samuelson F71
Timothy Zimmerman, Hampshire College faculty member
Maia Jacoby, F08
Jaqueline D. Pateguana F04
Veronica Martinez F04
Melissa Yang
Julia Lippman F02
Jodie Jacobs F80
Matthew Newman
Brendan Toller 04F
Susannah Faber, F10
Alison Bowen F07
Blithe Archbald F12
Ben Luks-Morgan, F06
Hannah Gais, F07
Corey Barr, F00
Laurie Nisonoff, Professor of Economics, Emerita
Jennifer Jarvis Parkinson F71
Brendan Chapin F10
Shannon Clancy F14
Arielle Soutar F11
Jeannie D. Goldman F97
Justice Desiree Waidner Smith, F96
Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring F09
Hester Tittmann F10
Paolo Brandon
Tim Diomede F06
Shira Erlichman F08
Susan Jahoda, University of Massachusetts
kara lynch, assoc professor of video & critical studies
Linda McDaniel, F86 and HACU staff retired
Claire Vita F13
Paul Morris F90
Jane Couperus, Faculty
Renee Kinchla F99
William Stebbins 85
Sedona Levy F13
Jessica Kim F05
Sasha Luks-Morgan F07
Raffi Sherak, F10
Amalia Schwarzschild F16
Jonathan Brosnan Williams, 04F
Jennifer Warren f01
Nirman Dave, F15
Aaron Gerber F00
Sarah Russell, Fall78
Tharanga Yakupitiyage, F08
Thomas Hudson, F96
Shannon Casey F06
Debra Caplan, F03
Rayane Moreira, Associate Professor, NS
Jiayi Liu, F11
Seth Raphael, S02
Nicole Caldwell, F00
Rejjia Camphor
Christopher D. Jarvis, Professor of Cell Biology
Polina Barskova
Patrick King, F07
Carlos McBride F'94
Noel Kirsch, F13
Jane Mezoff (F 78)
Maya Kageyama, F07
Zachary Mitnik F10
Kari Collins, F06
Margaret Smith, F07
Kevin A. Brown F'79
Alya Stoffer-Koloszyc F95
John F. Greco, F80
Saurav Jung Thapa, F04
Olivia Streisand F13
Ryvka Barnard, F00
Brandee Simone
Gabriela Chamberlin-Palaia F14
Nicole Daniels, F11
Emily Shuster, F14
Cassidy Rappaport F12
Zena Clift, F90
Jessica Johnston F05
Rose Cheyette, F03
Kathleen Shine Cain, Ph.D.
Lyla Bugara, F12
Dede Wilson 79F
Riley Kleve, F13
William Wayne Kramer, Professor Emeritus, theatre
Alana de Hinojosa, F11 Class of 2015
Greg Nahabedian F11
Ian McEwen F08
ilia Silverman Esrig, F11
Charles Swank F08
Robert M. Rakoff, Emeritus Professor of Politics and Environmental Studies
Beth Caissie, F93
Katherine Van Winkle (Roman) , F10
Danice Willock, F05
Brennan Robinson
Deb Gorlin
William H. Warren, 72F, P10
Sara Maria Salamone F01
Uditi Sen
Grace-Ashleigh Harvey
Max B. Reim, F06
Sonya Donaldson
Boaz Steed F18
Lena Abraham F14
Will Meyer, F10
Bob Coles
Jason Wagner F07
Gwynne Watkins, F98
Audrey McDougal, F08
Margaret Herpich GoldmanF95
Ellie Siegel 72F, P10, Co-Director of the Writing Program, Emeritam
Dinah Handel F07
Zoë Komarin F02
Jeff Patlingrao F99
Stephanie Marcotte, 2010-2014
Caroline Elfland F18
Ahren Gerber
Ashley Weckbacher
Jennifer L. Pozner, F92
Nateene Diu F05
Ben Kahn F01
Meghan Long F'02
Isabel "Charlie" Spencer F86
Celeste Jacobs F14
Lourdes Mattei
Andrea Gagne F06
Elizabeth Minot F96
Noah Foster, F13
Doug Plotkin, F80
Yesenia Gutierrez, J. D. (F94)
Deidre Kelly 13F
Staci Akselrod F08
Joel Dapello, F11
Hamlet Cooper, F10
Alex Sasayama, F98
Thea Jasper, F04
Annie Tate Cockrum F14
Robert Singleton, 90F
Nia Kelly S01
Margaret Tyer, F14
Sarah Tila Roberts F08
Lily Sarosi, F14, Film/Photo Alumni Intern
Helaine Selin
Jonathan Kidder, F93
Jill Lewis, Professor Emerita, Literature and Feminist Studies
Genia Metry-Bonyun, F93
Monica Soto S14’
Max Rosenthal F08
Christine Keith
Nashua Malko, F14 (graduated S18)
mika hernandez, F10
Arianna Rose F’11
Jonathan Kirschenbaum, F06
Alishia Alther, F10
Johnna Murphy, F03
Holly Baldwin, F93
Alex Solla, F89
Sean Bishop, F01
Peter Kunhardt F03
Stephanie Allen, F99
Martin Fischer F73
Zachary Clemente F08
Rachel Rakov, 04
Amir Fogel
Sara Smith, F90
Lesley Evans F11
Holly Currier F10
Kirbi Kidd
Melissa Marshall J.D. Fall '79
Lise Coppinger, S83
Sara Berk F09
Marcus Gilroy-Ware F'01
Mwangi wa Githinji (UMASS-Amherst Economics Department)
Mary Jo Shafer F96
Kendra Castaldo F97
Nils Christer Anderson S03
Michael Sherrard F01
Karolina Ware
Joshua K. Koplin, F96
Aaron Fagan, S94
Maxwell Levit, F10
Nathaniel Broekman F02
Emma Tobin, F02
Peter Graham F06
Leisa Weld, F75
Robin Coste Lewis, S86
Achyut Shrestha F08
Akil Adisa Stewart F13
Mabel Nash Greenberg S13
Will Hatheway, F93
Pamela Block F86
JP Hitesman F02
Matilda Angle 2018
Courtney Stein (F01)
Alexandra Reid F10
Jules Skloot F99
Vincent K Maloney, F92
Valerie Howlett, F03
Madeline Carlock '04
Emma John, F13
Nora Vose F12
Peter M.C. Lull, F95
Amna Saeed-Kothe F'88
John Auerbach, F08
Zach Bloom F99
Roger House
Dharam Bir Khalsa
Evan Strauss F07
Jimmy Lovett, F10
Dylan Holmes, F07
Jordan Bensley F12
Philip Bowden (F01)
Toby Neiman Berkow F88
Richard Sadowsky 73F
Renae Brodie (Professor, Mount Holyoke College)
Aimee Sullivan F88
Phoebe Smolin F09
RL Sarafconn F01
Serge Vladimiroff F89
Cynthia Gill, Assoc Prof of Physiology
Matthew Kuriloff, F96
Allison Parelman 70F
Jamie Balliett F90
Ray Caraher F13
Jennifer Collins F88
Luis K Feliz León (Amherst College ‘12/ completed two classes at Hampshire)
Shauna Sampson F84
David Taffet S83
Kelly Berman F88
Louisa Bigham F’14
Lorna Coppinger (and Ray)
Tracy Ann Essoglou, S79
Sara Connell F88
Idalia Buddington F09
Henriette Kets de Vries F85
Jedediah Tifft F10
Ella Hunt, F15
Hannah Elliott F07
Danielle Tropea F93
Sophie X. Pollak F16
Aja Gair F02
Lisa Ama Schrade, F10
Joseph Bernstein
Staci Frieze, IT, 79F
Brian Schultz, Faculty
Christopher J. Williams F04
Dylan Fitzwater F12
Freyja Balmer F91
Paul Jenkins
Emily Macaluso F09
Shelley Rosen F12
Lynne Hanley
Naomi Cope
Kirsten Hekler Lewis F87
Kate McMahon, F02
Barbara Reiser F85
Justin Singleton F10
Dru Sanders F11
Maxx sabal current student-DivIII
Gina Levitan F04
Scott Bremer F09
Irene Connelly F82
Sasha Nochimow F11
Sharon Rose Goldtzvik, F04
Zach Hart S12
Molly Winship S15
Alison Byrne Fields, F91
Declan Murphy F'08
Kimberly Fink F98
David Wilson F92
Joanna DeMartin F92
Allison Smartt F07
Jay Tilden F15
Sarah Greenfield F95
Kristen Luschen, Professor Of Education Studies
Brenly Rowland F07
Keely Flynn Schoeny, F98
Meghan O'Hara F97
Sara Coughlin F11
Prof. Nancy’s wadsworth, U of Denver, in solidarity with Hampshire faculty.
Rachel Levenfeld F97
Maya Gounard F06
Greg Saxe PhD MRP F80
Jason Wojciechowski, F99
Joshua A.C. Newman (educator)
Anna Sussman F96
Jenny Ewing Allen F90
Tyler Lafreniere (F02)
Mar Kidvai Padilla F04
Valerie Clark F79
Damon Hastings F11
Martha Pskowski F09
Erika Tai F14
Yvonne Thomas F'2017
Nick Smith F10
Frank A Queris F98
Gregory White (Professor, Smith College)
Lachlan Thompson 'F16
Terry Buck F09
Susan Lipkin, parent
Sara Salazar F12
Elizabeth Day F99
Gregory Berger S92
Sadie Hofmeester
Mari Castañeda, Professor, UMass Amherst
Noa Shems F'14
Asher Dvir-Djerassi F10
Aaron Brewer S91
Leslie koren F02
Nora Nalle, F08
Ashley Netanel
Chione Jones F12
Tim Henstrand, F06
Alisa Lebovitz
Lexi Brown, F88
Janell Rothenberg F98
Amelia Ortega F99
Andrew Pollock F90
Liv Lee F08
John Renwick S88
Toby McCoy 75F
Ayliffe brown f11
Wendy Lynch
Thomas Nathanson F82
Brian Nolte F11
Alea K. Alexis, F15
H Holsather F14
Samuel Schrade, F13
Lily Wilson, F07
Allison Lerman-Gluck (F ‘09)
Alex Abelson F06
Christopher Futty, 2012
Alexandra Futty, 2012
Ryan Mesch 04
Emily Moran F'10, Archive Alumni Fellow
David Hernandez (Assoc. Prof., Mt. Holyoke College)
Elizabeth Springer F06
Franna Diamond, F71
Jeanine Dargis, F02
D. Hernández, Mt. Holyoke
Richard Spencer F'83
Louisa Lebwohl F10
Barry M. Cohen F72
Joey Salim F97
Alek Chakroff, F02
Jean Burger
Elliot Oberholtzer F07
Anya Nnenna Uzo F15
Becca Wefald F10
Elizabeth D Mosimann 87F
Glynnis Eldridge
Kyle Shekinah-Roark f16
Barton Byg
Lydia Harrington F06
John S. Berman F77
Lukas Vrbka F11
Allison Snow F71
Amy Davin F06
Kiara Nagel F97
Kelley Wagner F04
Sandy Wolofsky F87
Jessie Webb F80
Talya Kingston (former Hampshire faculty, Theatre)
Suzanne Perkins F85, P18
Mariana Valencia F02
Anne Marie Casper F00
Rachel Keeney, F2010
Jessica Hendrickson F02
Julie Moore F05
Joya Misra (UMass)
Matthew Lerner F96
Geremias Polanco
Sarah McKnight, UMass
Bryan Jinlin Li F12
Rachel Creemers F10
Dina Jacir ‘09
Amna Ali 02
Alanna MacLeod-Bluver, S15
Ceren Atmaca F99
Bar Kolodny F14
Sebastian Ward F15
Brayan Salinas F17
Jodi Young F93
Kitty Morgan F03
Siena Sardana F16
Eliza Perkins-Hart
Sean Cassidy 16F (current student)
Sara Mendes F07
Laurie MacLeod F 74
Alison Brett SP83
Taylina Kesler F16
Raphael Sasayama, F00
Dylan Eli Welch F13
Emily Levin F03
Meredith Lackey 07F
Tracey Charleton Durant, S00
Christopher D. Butler F85
Laela Sayigh
Amelia Wilson, F06
Francesco Passalacqua F10
Alex Leff F12
Allison Stoney F11
Maya Marcus-Sells F07
Jack Corcoran f 13
Tim Donahue (parent of Grace F08 and Ethan F16)
Jean Marie Casbarian (former Visiting Assistant Professor Film/Photography)
Mitchell (Mitch) Krieger F11
Amy Donahue. Parent of Grace F08 and Ethan F16
Naomi Romm F12
Margaret Kramer F79
Zachary Post F95
Kate D'onofrio F10
Emory Ellis F16
Rebecca Reznick F03
Daniel Perlmutter, F12
Jonathon Podolsky F94
Erin Snyder, F98
Kim Selznick , 2012
Stephen Perry F99
Anwyn Gatesy-Davis F16
Sarah Helyar Chester 74f
Adam Castelli
Bria Sutherland, F12
Kira Brunner Don (F91)
Harshit Rathi F09
Stefanie Brendler F00
Rachel Zaslow F99
Ariel Rosenbloom F05
Hank Piper F14
Libby Parker, F14
Louis Berman F05
Olivia Dalmedo F14
Cynthia Melcher 79F
Aethena Enzer-Mahler, F00
gillian cannon F08
Bonni Kogen Brodnick (F74)
Paul Schmelz F11
Jacob Dickerman F12
Sofia Picatoste, F11
Mike Doyle, F04
Rob Sieczkiewicz F87
Daniel Altshuler, faculty
Mark Dilks F00
Genevieve Riordan
Joseph Goldin 12F
Fawn Jade Korr F00 (née Koopman)
Hollis Finley F13
Talia Ricci F04
Ethan M. Lewis F'88
Nancy Jessup F 73
Amy R. Lowe F17
Courtney Roman Lewis, F88
April Marinell, F90
Laura Goldberg F17
Lynne Powers F05
Zoe Schacht-Levine F10
Heather St. Germaine
Frederick Wirth, Retired Faculty
Nuala Sawyer, '03
Claire Cox F98
Justin F. Jackson F98
Scott Daley (F 06)
Elizabeth McAnulty Quilter F04
Daniel Fried F96
Liza M Neal F91
Austen Rachlis F99
Megan Kender f15
Sarah Maldonado Gordon F'09
Jose Campos, F99
Robin M. Huntley, F08
Amy Waldman F80
Connie Chang 15F
Shantu Ealy F09
Tori Parker Hart 12F
Gregg Cornish F02
Coley Lehman F95
Darlene Elias MHC 92
Rose Madison, F17
Davis Barr F16
Leslie Cox P07
Milo Smolin, F12
Mara Franzen North Park University
J.D. DiGiovanni F'10
Emma Lerman, F12
Kendra Rosenblatt, F95
Samantha Bolduc F18
Christine Lange F05
Yasmine El Baggari F-10
Reem Ibrahim (Smith)
Gregory Scott Katsoulis f87
Sabrina Hamilton 73F & former faculty
Marty Ehrlich, faculty
Leora Adams F94
Georgia Resnick F17
Emily Poirier, F13
Cole Fishman F14
Owen Bradley, 79F
Juliette F. Humer F13
Sophie Kobar F17
Sonya Goldman
Madi Chassin F15
Dylan Hurwitz F08
M. Paul Lippens F94
Shir Gale, F96
Isabel Anderson S17
Michelle Tinklepaugh F97
Hannah Melville-Weatherbee, F11
Sue Pickering, F08
Sahar Mirsepassi F12
Edmund Lowson 1982
Amanda Kail F93
Lauren Casey F09
Elliot Montague F98
Marie-Laure Dubois, F 04
Melissa Morrison F82
Allison Kochen F81
Shoshana Funk F03
Becky Miller, Professor of Music
Kaitlyn Millen F02
Maia Holloway F13
Rachel Friedman, F09
Daniel DiGia F91
Rachel Brahinsky, F92
Greg Josselyn–F07
Alivia Caruso F16
Xiamara Reyes F12
Toby Driver F96
Marie Lloyd F08
Caitlin Martin F08
Alea Pierro
Kevin Ades F18
Sarah Newhouse F77
Nessim Watson F'89
Geoffrey Barstow F97
Szal, F12
Ysanne Bethel 2016
Ron Lembo (Professor, Amherst College)
Jazlyn Kraft F04
Katie Bruce (Gerry) F99
Sarah Cassidy F18
Gail Langeloh 1980F
Jackie Aronson Williams, F93
Carson Satterfield F2010
Steven Roof, NS Professor
Melody Wright F94
Jana Silver Hampshire/UMass faculty
ElizabethAnn Kelly F11
Maorr Zadok 15F
MIriam Cremer F87
Julia Read F06
Sara F. Mason, F91
Molly Weigel, PhD, Family 14
Amy Morley, F1989
Nicole Dhruv ‘09
Zach Ellis F98
Naya Gabriel
Talia Bigelow, F00/(technically F02)
Ben Sidelinger F98
Lydia Coburn F12
Zemora Tevah, F09
Olivia Biller 12S
Jodi Sussman 03F
Jill Pollack F01
Emily Rimmer, staff
Mairin Emerson F15
Justin Minalga F16
Gary Ventimiglia F78
Jonathan Abraham, F97
Corryn Sullivan F15
Sophie Dempster-Greenbaum F14
Maia Sanchez-Acero, F08
Conner Plunkett F10
Diego Benavente Zuñiga
Emily Murphy F15
Sarai Hinkley f93
Erin De Armond-Reid F02
Molly McLeod F05
Leslie Resnick F73, P08
Michele Mirisola F’08
Amy Stamm
Jack Lindsay, F07
Madison Palffy F10
Ronni Blumenthal F78
Rebecca Wartell F92
Johanna Resnick Rosen 'F71
Alexandra Wilson F12
Luis A. Marentes, UMass Faculty
Theresa Gorman F02
Thomas Gibson F01
Erica Coughlin-Glaser F87
Sophia Olkhova F08
Kyla Ferguson F05
Celeste Davidson, F’13
Mark Feinstein, Professor, CS
Jana Naylor Csenger F84
Elsie McConaughey, North Park University
Adam R Sweet F80
Isabel Moss F12
David Schilling F96
Laura Knowles F08
Tor Colvin F04
Amy Horowitz, S 1982
Norman Wanman S09
Luciana Fernandes, Former Employee
Meena Kumari Dieterich, F ’16
Omar Karim F92
Anat Weisenfreund F81
Alice Perrault F16
Susan Cobb Merchant (74)
Sarah Demarest F13
Sharon Gordon F'77
Dana Mendes, F10
Carolina Ossa, F12
Raquel Vigil, F02
Iris Haas-Biel F11
Rachael Singer F05
C. Autumn Dore
Yosmay del Mazo F01
Elizabeth Gooen: Hampshire College F12, Smith College Class of 2016
Emily Shari F15
Dallas Foster F03
Natalie Wong F15
Carolyn Marsh, F03
N. Tasmin Din F97
Beth Gillia 83F
Natasha Collier F13
David Ko
Joseph Reilly F82
Sarah Schuyler-Gallaway F'96
Emily Leader, F08
Bob von der Lippe, 1969, Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Sam Pawlowski 16-17
Hannah Perkins, F12
Rory McAuliffe F’08
Michael Giordano 2006
Molly Epstein F10
Carolina Mayes F10
Ailey Picasso F10
Eron (Sandler) Truran F97
Davis Robinson S76
Ruthie Marantz F00
Susie Landau Finch F78
Payne Hiraldo F02
Ellen Lowe, P17
Matthew Pitt F92
Page Allen 70F
Shannon Kennedy F15
Isadora Reisner F12
Dula Amarasiriwardena, Professor of Chemistry, NS
Derek Cote F13
Derick Delloro F11
Jade Palmiotti F17
Vaness Flores F17
Lisa Henderson (UMass Amherst and Five Colleges, 1994-2018)
Carl Davis F99
Maggie Samuels, F12
Matthew Goodman 79F
Tamuira Reid f98
Shivani Kapadia F15
Warren S. Goldstein, F79
Naomi Slipp, F01
Anna Ghosh, F89
Justin Dow F99
Deryn Mierlak F16
Arlen Margetson F03
Rebecca Plante F86
Rebecca Kiger F92
Payton Walles NPU20
Jenny Valeri Coeur
Patrick Holbrook F94
Angela Willey, Associate Professor
Sabra Zedick
Kevin Morrison F94
Liana Marks F11
Hanna Isabelle Bormann
Kathleen Leeper, F11
Lili M. Kim (faculty)
Kelly (Wehrle) Anderle, F07
Julia Kimmel, F03
Alice Levine F71
Peter Morgan.
Jennifer Saparzadeh F07
Luke Rafferty F06
Amy Ziegler F73
Lauren Skidmore F01
Elijah Williamson-Jones F94
Jake Lichter F13
MarthaLee Bohn F80
Aviv Winer F95
Kunsang Kelden F03
Tristan Chapman F10
Tammy Gooler Loeb F78
Margo Sacerdote F10
Kiera Wilson F11
Dan Inglis, F00, Adjunct Instructor of Music, Director of Chorus
Anna Tenerowicz (UMass & Smith)
Sam Morris, F97
Greg Dubin F14
Bronwyn O'Neil P16
Rikki Sabransky F10
Eric Palmer F15
Sweeney Sweeney F14
Ross Patterson F77
Ann Stephany F87
Gabe Whitney 18F
Delia Easton F 87
Kristin Dickson Wood, F92
Madison Williams F15Claudia Hermano F15
Ivy Vance F13
Aliza Spicehandler, F11
Mary Lou Greenfield
Zachary Parker F09
Charles Teese F11
Cheryl Kaplan S74
Peter Greenfield
Jack Deford, F18
Molly Baer 2017
Krithi Rao F04
Autumn Phaneuf F16
Susanna George F85
Zoe Gleitsman
Sola Stamm F14
Mike D'Aquila F14
Margot Hernandez F97
Sarah Shulman S86
Tammy Berman, 'F87
Ej Nussbaum f12
Madeline Crowley 82F
Quinn Berkman F09
Arianna Diaz-Celon F18
Isabella aguirre 2020
Bonnie Watt F04
Elaine Ginsberg, retired faculty
Julia Kersten, F14
David Mednicoff, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Eleanor Crawford, F17
Peter Guillen F10
Jillian Allen 08F
Rebecca Lillian 81F
Beth Burstein, F78
E Frances White, Former Faculty and Dean of Faculty
Lindsay (Gerber) Gonzales F96
Samantha Kramer F12
Emma Petersky F13
Aaron Richmond-Havel 09F
Sky Morgan (Fall 15-Fall 16)
Will Noonan F08
rhana tabrizi f10
Anand Dibble F08
Sophie Moss F12
ilsa kulko kaye f81
Todd Pengelly F16
Makenna Coyle F13
Fletcher West F07
Andy Cohn, F15
Rebecca Siegel F08
Andrea M Hamilton F79
Vivek Bhandari
Jessica Hornedo F01
Aspen Bey F16 (transfer)
Margo Feingold F11
Ezekiel Baskin F15
Augusta Catherin F14
Eve LaFountain 04F
Lyla Denburg, F08
Jacqueline Maasch, Smith College '16J, Five College Student of Hampshire courses
Antonius Wiriadjaja F01
John Brockett Mitchell F82
Nataly Arroyo F04
Charlotte Somerville S17 (transfer)
Arslan Muradi F10
Mary Bombardier
Aram Martirosyan F16
Jasmine Loveland F00
Christopher Camp F08
Alexa Almany F12
Talia Halpern S14
thúy lê F90, Visiting Professor of Creative Writing
Daniel Taub F08
Remy (Ketzler) Cohen F08
Edward Ongweso JRA
Sarah Duncan F03
Stanley Huang
Mark Bosz F12
Caitlin Bell-Butterfield F04
Christi Keller F71
Sasha King
Malini Sood Horiuchi 90F
Rob Petito F02
Rebecca DeLucia f09
Tara Jacob F05
Sarah Hamilton, S05
Jeremy Johnston F10
Noah Simblist F92
Tess Geers F03
Kim Newton F01
Adriana Fieldman. UMASS Amherst Alumni Labor Center 01
Jennifer Lav F95
Gillian Toman F17
Rebeca Escalona Rosas F08
Morgan Bernal F00
Jennifer Jackson Albee, 00F
Katarina Perunovic, F18
Andy McKinney F97
Floyd Cheung (Five College Asian/Pacific/American Studies)
Jason Josephson Storm, F96
Jana Farell, F08
Melissa (Poague) Merry F97
Alison Hunsberger f02
Michael O'Neill F98
Jolie Simpson F13
Lisa Kornetsky F74
Lena Deutsch F14
Cristina D'Ancona F09
Spencer Kuchle F08
Karen A. Frenkel F73
Fabien Cante F09 (visiting)
Tammy Parks
Amy Godine, F72
Andrea Korn
Dudley J. Merchant 73
Hannah Huggins F12
Leah Valtin-Erwin, F12
Amanda Goldblatt, F00
Dillon Compton, F06
Joshua Singer F13
Elisabeth Weaver F98
Priscilla Cobb F 73
Casey Tompkins F17
Amanda Dembowski F02
Julia Rauch F13
Will Steffen F07
Penelope Boyer F77
Braddlee (81F)
Leah Mawhinney F06
Melia Franklin 85F, parent of 2018 Hampshire graduate
Aly Albertson F15
Kristjan Mets F08
Sherri Schon
Jeremy Kirn 2013S
Alan Hodder
Eleanor Berch-Heyman F96
JD Stokely F07
Andrew McDonald F14
Jesse Pliska F13
Alana Kilcoyne
Vivian Huang (Williams College)
Julia Petersen
Erik Silbernagel 15F
Vicki Capote F10
Taylor Jacobson f09
Evan Cross F03
Katie Irwin
Alina Miglietta F15
Urayoán Noel
Andrew Shepard F16
Odette Scott F02
Ingrid Magnuson, F00
Craig L Gidney F86
Ashley Burns Merrill
Touré F. Reed (graduated 92), Professor of 20th Century US and African American History
Jezra Beaulieu F03
Scott Tundermann F92
Alexandra Sturm F17
Gordon Hall, F01
Margaret Newkirk 73
Megan Maxwell F02
Charles Todhunter, F18
Anne Morehouse S82
Cameron Cherry F18
Darci Cramer, F87
Grace Gould F07
Emily Warnock F14
Jill Lewis, Professor Emerta
Ryan Duda F05
Benjamin Feldman, F95
Emily Skoff F12
Mahalia Hensler
Rachel Friedman F95
Adriana Estill, Professor at Carleton College in solidarity with Hampshire faculty
Tieran Rosefield
Grayson Blake 18F
Jake Savoie-Foster
David Changar F86
Caroline Hainley F 87
Aryenish Birdie, F03
Andrew Quintman F85
Thoraya Tranquille
Raquel Hoefgen-Harvey, F96
Kim Brandt, F99
Sam Bergeron
Bonne Beste Bejan F79
Graeme Dalrymple
Colin Murphy F01
Michael Cohen S85
Moriah Hoefgen-Harvey F01
Constance Kassor, former Visiting Assistant Professor
Duran Goodyear F96
Sierra Vaughan-Gabor F09
F13 Flora Natalini
Rachel A Stiles F08
Charlotte Hannum F18 (current student)
Jericha Senyak F06
Sam Vail F11
Dory Graham, F’13
Maudie Baker-Schwartz F75 P14
Kyra Kabler F15
Forrest Jackson, F13
Caitlin Berrigan F99
Katherine Brady, F92
María Elena Cepeda, Latina/o Studies, Williams College
Tracy Clark-Cherry
Sage Campbell F11
Daniel Knapp F88
Annie Bartlo F13
Kellen Mayfield F17
Mac Dvorak
Katharine Dimitruk, F13
Samuel Tucker Reeves
Fiona Paine F17
Claire Sammut (F14)
Ian Marvy F92
Lewis Blake F12
Lile Merrell F15
Susan DuMars, F84
Maggie Scott F10
Nedda Jastremsky-Greer F93
Frank Loveland F81
Vanessa Conlon S10
Carmen Canedo
Sadek Shweiki F94
Tess O'Day F14
Kaden Holladay (F12; Summer Institute Program Associate)
Meryl Feigenberg, F00
Hannah Rhein F06
Sarah Tundermann F05
Noah Marcus F12
Jeff Striker F06
Konstantin Kahl, F’12
James Riotto F03
Emmanuel Duarte Perlovsky S18
Daniel Michelson 04F
Joshua Sadri F17
Rory Madden F03
Susanna Rajala, F12
Rachel Major
Siena Mayers F03
Erika Lally F87
Shiraz Biggie F00
Libby Reinish, F03
Benjamin Rubin
Gabe Jasper F17
Joshua Kaul F11
Erin Sternfels F16
Thomas Varley, F12
Jena Derman, F02
Zoe Meyer ‘15
Cam Vokey F05
Rick Waks, F78
Sara Gaiser, F92
Sarah A. Chichetti F13
Judy Herrell S81
Benjamin Swift
David Kerr, Professor Emeritus
Leslie Mason F'74
Melissa Scheid Frantz, former Cultural Center director ('02-'15)
Ellie Casson, 2008 graduate
Saren Vigneault s2021
Annie Levin F99
Rachel Hagopian, F18
Claire Shillington, F15
Morleigh Steinberg F83
Elizabeth Luchs
Greg Koller F96
Matt Erickson F02
Orli Nativ, F03 (former Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Mark Seamon F80
Abbie Bevan 16F
Claire Jones, F13
Rose Holtermann ‘12
Summer LIndzey F88
Anastatia Spicer, F13
Mary Ellen Wickum 81F
Sigal Gerson Kadden F11
Andrew C. Dalton, Esq. (F'97)
Emily Dix Thomas F06
Montse Familiar-Bolanos F11
Rabbi Andrew Hahn, F78
Amy Deyerle-Smith, F13
Joplin T. Steinweiss, F91
Don and Judith Kanzler
Aislinn Tompkins
Sokchea Eng Evslin 05F
Matthew Fullmer F17
Julianne Chaloux, F10
Karin Martin F84
Ben Floss F11
Kathryn Baptista F80
Paige F. MacGregor
Caitlin Brodie (Fraser-Reckard) F01
Scott Barish F08
Emily Edahl, F08
Dr Joseph Laycock, F98
Alexa Akre F15
Eddie Mandhry F97
Elizabeth Caretti (Oniskey) Ramírez F'87
Daniel Brooks F03
Tika Lifton-Herman F12
Alyssa Coffey F17
Kathryn Bowen, parent of Alison Bowen F07
Madeline (Maddie) Paterna, Accepted student (class of 2023)
Alfonso Stefanini F93
Yonatan Rosen, F01
Maya Berkowitz F11
Kate Freedman F00
Jende Cohen F15
Dann Disciglio, F11
Sam Anderson, F01
Vipassana Greene F12
Sofia Cappello F16
Hannah Hodson F09
Kayna Wong F16
Lily Erb F09
Jesse Rafert, F02
Jesse French F10
Troy Hill (staff 25yrs)
Lily Bartle, F16
Sophia Burris, F02
Emma Aldrich Jordan F17
Mai Ohana f13
Rita Brandt-Meyer, F06
Ellen Rooney F88
Tanner O'Donnell F16
Christie Lauder, F93
Mark Odynocki 92F
Shana McConnell, F00
Carin Rank
Brendan Elefante F14
Nina Meledandri F76
Vivian Berry F80
Robin Marks Tily F16
Beth Smolin
Gigi Marks, parent of alum F16 and accepted student F19
Jeremy Weinstein, F12
Susan J. Tracy, Professor Emerita
Ian Melinn (S20)
Skye Murie, F12
Aaron Neiman, F12
Merlyne Mesidor F12
Ansel Ploog F03
Fionnbharr Warren F14
Karen Marshall, F75
Sophie Kriegel F11
Julia Hahn
Caitlin Kelley, F06
Minh Nguyen F14
Christopher Vesenka F11
Genevieve Rabideau F18
Alexander Chirico F16
Shelby Yeomans, F16
Brynn Seely F10
Susan Douglas, former faculty member for 15 years
Rachel Wolf F96
David Toman - parent of current student
Chelsea Westra F10
Xander Weaver Scull F08
Wendy E. Toman, parent of Gillian F17
Rachel Rubinstein
Julia Warren F13
Mia Muscarella F14
Brittni Pagán (Hayes), F09
Ellen Oliver F12
Aurelis Troncoso, F11
Emmett DuPont F15
Potter Harding
Keith Andre S’98
YC Cheah F86
Jay Willett-Jeffries, F2011
Nicole Tyler Div II (F16)
Shanti Epp
Ian Johnston, F12
Rowan Lasky, supposed to be 19F
Sabina Prenneis F'16
Angela Ayre (F90)
Lydia Chambers
Ellie Rosenwasser
Carolyn Sheehan F78
Brian Lamoreaux F96
Gabriel Erde-Cohen F02
Tristan Cullen, F13
Kathleen Jackson, parent of Forrest Jackson F13
Claire Crews, F11
Cara Page, F88
Sara Elinoff Acker F78
Anna Schrade, Lecturer, Amherst College
Mia Pan F'12
Sophie Rotenier
Sam Stein F14
Samara Rosen
Colleen Breen
Shannon Baer F95
Jim Hicks, UMass/Editor, Massachusetts Review
Gabby Rosenberg F10
Karin Bond F86
Stacey May F84
Cynthia G. Wolff F84 Trustee Emerita
Matthew Meneghini 10F
Moira Voss f77
Aleah Wong
Manami Wakuta
Sean Carbine, F87
Molly Maloney F87, parent of Rowan Lasky F19
Parker Richardson Amherst College 2021
Thomas Smith
Zen, F10
tara mc clellan stepenberg (former Associate Professor of Dance)
Katherine Torres F20
Esther Dane F09
Sam Cranshaw F03
Christian Glawe F85
Amy Grumbling F00
Yogesh Chandrani, F84
Ross Klein F86
Carrick Bell F00
Christine Luby F98
Melissa Rothstein, F89
Evan Barett Brandes F94 JD LLM
Nat Herold, S74
Jacob Lefton, F04
Haley Gove Lamb F08
Kara Knott F88
Holly Armitage, F83
Rachel Haas F11
Megan Meo F09
Karina Rosenstein, F12
Krisna Van Dyke F12
Maria Campanelli
Sheila Brown F14
Thea Cohen S16
Jesse Oates F00
Colleen Adams, F18
Zoey Walls F09
Caterina Kenworthy F14
Abraham Adams, F04
Alexandra Constas F09
Elizabeth Green F16
Rachel Leipow, F04
Amy Helfand F85
James Scaramuzzino F12
Robert Liota, F07
Emma Leff, F14
David Teeple, F76
Maria Damon F74
Benjamin Liebman F11
Ashley O'Brien F08
Jacob Schwartz
Henry Kohji Parr F07
Fred Melamed 74’F
Rachel Compton, F04
Julie Beth Napolin F96
Morgan Kluck F10
Meara Geraty, F14
Alexander Cookman F03
Daniel Oran F11
Andrew Bilir-Flock F04
Leah Cohen, F85
Alyssa Hagen, F03
Thao Thu Le F11
Mare Fox
Rachel Classen Griffiths, F88
Amy Ferber F77
Zoe Kleiman Tapley F10
David Klaphaak F82
Alec Goebel, F10
Elaine Mayes, Founding Professor of Film and Photograpy
Daniel Letourneau F06
Jason Drill F14
Jessamyn West F86
Matthew Hinderhofer F17
Maya Brinton F14
Elizabeth Harzoff, F72
Amanda J. Hutchinson F18
Rom Weber, F’87
Cullen Raphael F02
Barry Kogan, f01
Lily Friedrich F16
Andrew Feinberg F08
Annie Wood, F16
Cierra Pacheco, F03
Cynthia Canary, S77
Asa Bates F16
Miranda Edwards Piris, F03
Gregory A. Vaughn, F81
Jade McGleughlin, 1979
Simeon Mark Cofie
Ryan Kulas F12
Dan Cottle, F05
Tatiana Gutheil, F05
Shiori O’Neil ‘18
Maggie Alling Kane (F’81)
Heather Kamins, F96
Rebecca Rosenthal F18
Samuel Katz, F12
Mei Li Francis, F18
Michael Hornbostel, F86
Geoffrey Marshall F76
Omri Bernstein F08
Joshua Luo F18
Maria E. Twardy
Dawn Ravine, F97
Jack Conroy
Franklin Odo, John J McCloy Visiting Professor of American Institutions and Intl Diplomacy, Amherst College
Donna (Robinson) Moriarty F83
Nathan McClain, Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and African American Literary Arts
Margo Katz 80F
Alan Barta, F83
Owen Lowe P17
Martha Anger F85
Wyatt Miles F10
McKinley Guidi F18
Michael Lesy
Sonya Gropman F80
Matthew Hall F76
Stephan Edel F95
Ariane Panzer, F07
Kaylie Vezina F14
Saturn Renge
Nancy Mead F83
Morgan Greenstreet F07
Ginni Rosenfeld parent of DIV II student
A. Elizabeth Berg F09
Bonnie Toland, S97
Julie Starr, S98
Steve Waksman, chair, Music dept, Smith College
Anna Botta (Comparative Literature/Italian Studies, Smith College)
Yasotha Sriharan
Carrie Pekor Jasper, F76
Miranda Wiley, F12
Joseph Anderson, F13, Staff
Mary Ellen Doyle F86
Kathryn Mills 73F
Yoni Turkienicz F08
Eric Henry Sanders
Mercedes Catania F10
Brendan Linehan F12
Anne D’Zmura F 80
Christopher Werler F88
Rachel Rosenberg F13
Manavi Menon F92
John Buckley III ‘81F
Dana DeMaster, F99, Assistant Professor, UTHealth
Julia Wadsworth F99
Arielle Saiber, F89
Michael Lawrence Bergman
Leyla Keough, former adjunct faculty CSI
Dana Misshula S12
Sara Alice Grendon F14
Joan Wattman 74F
Del Hanson F15
Alizae Wineglass F14
Frank Sacramone S09
Liv Sanders
Reed Cohen, F17
Adam Thurrell F97
Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College
Alexis Eynon F96
Kathy Thiel F82
Sigourney Chin, F03
Diana Arce F99
John Gennari (professor, University of Vermont)
Lilly Chu F96
Sierra Greaves-Schönecker F08
Elisa Lapine, F80
Kitty Cassetti F10
Katie Anania, Assistant Professor of Art History, Georgia College
Patrick Weck, F12
Dan Baum, F82
May Hemler (F13)
Morgan Hulquist F15
Chau Tran-Vi F10
Pamela Glaven
Anita Fuentes F13
Johnny Williams F14
Max Wareham S09
Johan Brongers, former Hampshire Treasurer
Frederica Koss
Ellen Doré Watson, Smith College faculty
Noelle Cocoros F96
Ian Rand, F13
Natasha Doherty S13
Sally Gould F82
Emi Link F16
Blair McLaughlin, Hampshire faculty
Sylvia Williams F15
Olivia O. Weiser, F10
Tucker Teutsch III, F95
Yasmin Belkhyr, F17
Lee Spector, CS
Christopher Dreisbach F02
Kathleen Garland F08
Devyn Manibo, F10
Xuemeng Zhao F15
Milo Muise, F10
Graham Vunderink F09
Ellyn Gaydos F09
Oscar Logeais
Julie Skurski (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Carol Varner S73
Alicia E. Ellis, Colby College (former faculty in HACU)
Pooja Rangan (Assistant Professor of English in Film & Media Studies, Amherst College)
Krishna Luna Oxenberg F94
Ani Maitra (former Pre-doctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor)
Nusrat S Chowdhury, Asst. Professor, Amherst College
Anya Harp
Julian Erickson-Watson
Arthur H. Simons, F79
Emily Eynon, F98
Mariangeles Soto-Diaz F93
Olive Nixdorf F18
Pam Tinto
Beth Sommers 79F
Lyntoria Newton F09
Alek Meyer, F16
Kate Kyros S03
Tristan Cameron F16
Meredith Miller F73
Emily Kellert Lerner F94
Hyde Parker 2018
Meredith Michaels Hampshire faculty 1986-98
Kjersti Vick F00
Amelia Bucek F01
Dineen O'Rourke, F13
Rodolfo Aguilar, Kennesaw State University
Cray Novick F13
Meghan Armstrong-Abrami (Asst. Professor, UMass Amherst)
Jean Behrend P06
Nina Fonoroff, Hampshire faculty 1993-94
Jason Salkey 80F
Navina Khanna, F97
Dan Gregor 93F
Yeuris Cruz F17
Lauren van Haaften-Schick, F02
Kari Wang F17
Larissa Holland, Smith College
Trey Jones F10, Intern 13-14
Briana Ferranti F04
Sophia Robohn F12
Sophia Philip, F11
Sam Baskir F08
Barbie Diewald (Visiting Professor, Dance, Mount Holyoke College)
Jing Shang F16
Nancy Casey, parent 06
Zil McGourty F08
Eric Zelman S89
Charlie Hailey S18
Ron Kelter
Kassandra I.S. Neiss F'08
Skye Landgraf 08F
Colin Barrett 18F (current student)
Harry (Haochen) Wang F18
Wenxi Li 18F(current student)
Jennifer Zorek-Pressman F76
Julianna Waggoner 78F
L. Brown Kennedy, Professor of Literature, Emerita
Sarah Rose Sykes-Goldsmith F05
​elżbieta putrycz, F08
Jamie Peebles 72F
Quinn Nace, F15
Holly Goldstein F80
John R. Boettiger, founding faculty member of Hampshire College in Human Development
Lisette Medina F13
Tim O'Neill F01
Andrew J Sapini F17 (current student)
Kurt Mills, F83
Lawrence Blume 81F
Ari Shapiro F02
Karin Gerstel F73
Ezekiel Peters, F'89
Danielle Marie Goldstein 1998F
Kristin Topich, S15
Katy Mattis F92
Charlie Neiss P08
Laura Battles F81 and Parent of F15 who graduated May 2018
Erika N. Miranda F13
Justin Goldstein F99
Hannah L. Wolfson, F08
Sarah Partan, CS
Rory MacLeod F18
Matthew Gonzalez F09
Stacey Sarnicola parent of current student
Justin P. West, S72
Marco Carmosino, F07 (UCSD PhD Expected S19)
Susan Lowell de Solórzano 75F, 03P
John Solórzano 75F, 03P
Susan Trotz 1975
Mark Meagher F85
Roberto Rodríguez F 09
Bill Brand, Professor Emeritus, Film & Photography
Michael Strmiska S1978
Kimberly Zoe Cook-Fallon f76
Kelsey Rumley, F08
Kathryn Wichmann F85
Hazel Pine
Cate O’Keefe, F95
Mitziko Sawada, former faculty, history
Abigail Hunter 83F
Wil Leavitt F'02 (asst. prof dartmouth coll.)
Lourdes Dávila
Xavier Torres de Janon F12
Victor Fresco F76
Alexander Points-Zollo, F05
Denise Cormier 1971
Jesse Winch 80S
Thea Harrington F80
Samantha Fogg
Felicity Newman Figueroa F73, P10
Mara Benjamin, F90
Leah Gregg
Libby Goodman, class of 13
Natalie Strohm F14
jennifer storey, F92
Bárbara de Paula Rodrigues da Silva, F08
Victoria Sundell F14
Mike Bishop, parent of current student
Joanne Gilbert, parent of current student
Rachel A. Smith F80
Nikolas Costello, F12
Rozhin Razavi
Charles Silberstein, F75, parent of current student
Gordon Snow F80
Davis Bates, 73F, P16
Dana Master F85
Jacob Ehrlich, F11
Priscilla Kane Hellweg F76
Bram Fierstein '76
Remy Swift
Jeremy P. Koelmel, PhD F11
Sadie Popoli
Ivan Goldstein F80
Laura Roosevelt, parent of current student
Isabelle Carlhian 72F
Mo Bielawski
Jessie W. Hedden '97
Bethany Ogdon, faculty F97-S06
tamara weiss '77
Lee Bowie, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Mount Holyoke
Lindsey Appleyard
Karen Lindauer-Herlands '74
Tevere MacFadyen, F72
Dorothy Reed F07
Frida Berrigan, F92
Anastasia Denos '14
David Frieser S75
Neil Young, Manager of Media Services, 94F
Guy Roland Burke F03
Lydia Russell, F'95
Tania Kirkman F92
Justin Taft-Morales F13
Sarah bankert, F99
Elaine N Robinson
Debra Michaud F93
jori brooks f07
Kunga chonyi 17
Ryan Costello F09
Ian Macpherson
Judy Ha
Sarah Berquist
Satchel Forrester F12
Genna Crowell F14
Robert E. Schneider F84
Danica Phelps, Fall 89
Emily Fox F80
Forel Kourouma ~last semester div lll
Katherine Popetz, F14
Abbi Kopf F17
Rob Simmons, Coordinator for MISS and LWP Cultural Center at Hampshire College
William Spademan, parent
Tara Pozo F08
Zachary Grace F91
Mary Link, parent of a current student
Lydia Timlin-Broussard F05
Catherine Frey Murphy, 74F
Glenn Fagen F80
Aodhan Hemeon-McMahon, F12
Julia Whalen
Savvy Cornett, F15
Janet Gunn 71F
Emma Barickman, deferred student
k. funmilayo aileru F09
Amelia Metcalfe F17
C. Ross
Avi Bowie, F98
Elizabeth Atterbury F00
Daniel Eareckson F06
Alec McManus, F08
Phoebe Berkel F07
Ashley Hendra F2008
Kiah Raymond F11
Pamela Dalton 78F
Alexis Arcaro F02
Elsa Brown F03
Robyn-Brooke Smith 11F
Michael C. Ladd '88
Alice Pote F09
Danielle Nalband, PhD, F06
Lara D. Nielsen, Five Colleges Faculty 2001-2003
James Pettengill '08
Jo Ann Wasserman (1989)
Gillian Gunn Clissold F'74
Dudley Merchant 73
Ashley Garrison F02
Sam Nardone 18F
Lydia Okrent F02
Daniel Schmidt 18F
Anne Pinkerton 91F, communications staff
Jane Degenhardt
Jake Makin
Mary Gravel (F1977)
Luke Richardson F12
Manuel Castro F02
Tei Park F18
Eshe Shukura F09
Jamie Wilber F03
Jenny Arch, F03
Jessica Hooks S95
Marisa Suárez-Orozco F02
Annalise E. Glauz-Todrank, F96, Department for the Study of Religions, Wake Forest University
Sarah Horowitz F95
Gregg Bellón
Lauren Arienzale F16
David L. Ackley F85
Owen Aptekar-Cassels F14
James Gold 1973-1977
Branwen Okpako
Jack Reuter 19S
Dr. Alan Robinson, F98
Isabelle Linguiti
Carolyn Glauz-Todrank, parent F96 and F2000
Stephen Glauz-Todrank, parent F96, F2000
Kaitlin Rohrer F03
Robin Cohen
Karen Wolfe F85
Rayla Shawanda
Xander Purdy
Joan Levy
Marianne Sundell
Elaina Ellis F99
Robert C. Peters, parent F89
Sarah Peters, parent F89
Grusha Prasad F13
Fadia Nordtveit
Bobbie Cohen Jemsek S77
Daniel Subkoff F92
Debbora Battaglia
Ross Ford F96
Frances Metzger F15
Sarah Hunter F05
Penny Mateer F76
Kevin Crouse F11
Marshall Nalle Ayers, S76
Kendra Gilbert F11
Erin Eggleston F04
Hilary Strander F03
Lauren Bentley, F’05
Mary-Moore Cathcart F87 P15
Rachel Blackman F'81
Paul Sammak F74
Diana Arce F99
Mary Goldman F10
Sam Nordli, F10
Benjamin Socolofsky, F13
Amelia Tarren, F11
Jennifer Kogan, F84
Russell W Cavallaro F'10
Abigail Severance F87 & faculty at CalArts
Russ Schwartz, F01
April Grayce Dunlop F11
Dr. Timothy Shary, F86 (and four-time Jan. Term instructor)
Kat Roman F10
Ariella Ben-Dov F90
Longhao Chen, F11
Brooke Gumlaw F14 (transfer)
Adam Sitze (Professor at Amherst College)
Zola Glassman F15
Stephen Figurasmith F04
Benjamin Berry, F04
Heather Smith F04
Zac Phillips F 2004
Lauren Goldrich F98
Rachel Figurasmith F05
Ava Samuel F11
Kylin Lee S00 (transfer)
Veronica Gounaris
Katherine Johnston, 2011-2015, 2019.
Cole Cataneo F12
Amy Basen F94
Caroline Steen F12
Jenny Golden F90
Francie Williamson parent F 97
Mark Schwartz P14
Gabriel Kennedy Costa F05
Josh Miller
Patricia Muehsam 80F
Jenny Golden F90
Nick Taft 01F
Julia Sackett, 08
Emily Lawson F11
Seth Engelhard F96
Camille Reynolds F'14
Alisa Velonis, F88
Todd Lerew F05
Dede Minter F’11
Eli Stark F03
Jonathan Kitzen F86
Emily Coble, 10F
luca fontanetta
Jess Johnson
Martin Fischer F73

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