Learning Lab Proposal Submission Guidelines
We are delighted by the numerous requests we receive to engage with our fellows and alumni. While we would like to incorporate as many partners as possible into our programming, we have limited time and capacity, so not every speaker will have the opportunity to connect with every cohort.

To help us best manage these requests, and ensure we can engage workshop facilitators in the most productive way, we ask that new facilitators provide us with additional information. We want to hear about your passion or interest in your proposed subject, your unique take on the topic, your storytelling skills, and your ability to craft a dynamic presentation. We are interested in presentations that will appeal to all of our fellows - veterans, spouses & caregivers, and entrepreneurial thinkers overall.

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Job Title
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Session Title
Session Abstract
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What makes you passionate about this topic, and an "authority" to provide this insight to our fellows?
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What are the goals of your presentation? What specific skills and/or knowledge will our fellows gain from the conversation? Will they have some tangible evidence of their time with you?
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Video Submission: Please provide a very short video clip of you telling your story - no more than 30 seconds. We want to get a sense of your presentation style and delivery from this recording. You can record yourself on any device (smartphone, iPad, computer, etc.) and then share the file with us via the upload button.
Next Steps
We want to know how you will engage our fellows. The best learning and teaching practices are interactive, responsive, and use different learning formats. Tell us how you will make your presentation not only informative but participatory.

Dog Tag Program Staff will respond to your submissions within one week to determine the next best step.

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