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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Hiring the Oxford Office Furniture Training Suite - updated March 2016ACCESS

If this request is approved, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to the venue for when you need it. This may involve borrowing a set of keys. (There is a deposit to pay for keys.)


Hirers must ensure that windows are shut, doors are locked, lights are off,alarm set and keys are posted through the OCVA Courthouse building letterbox when they leave if OCVA staff are not around to collect them in person. We rely on your cooperation with this security matter. Should there be a loss of keys or damage to OCVA property, OCVA will look to the organisation for full reimbursement. The front door must not be put on the latch. (People can buzz for entry.)


In the event of the fire alarm activating or suspicions of a fire, please leave the building via the front door or via the back door and through the main gates to the assembly point. The assembly point is outside the Benefits Office in Floyds Row.

You have your own legal responsibility for all matters of Health and Safety for your own events on our premises, and OCVA cannot accept liability for negligent action on the part of hirers. OCVA has its own policy, procedures and management processes in place for Health and Safety. We have a duty to provide a hire venue to you that is fit for purpose as a hire venue. If OCVA staff are present when you are present during an emergency, and a member of OCVA staff is giving instruction, that instruction must be followed in addition to any measures you put in place for your own activity and its attendants as you see fit from your own assessment of risk.

Please Note: Smoking, gambling and the consumption of alcohol are not allowed anywhere on the premises. Nor use of any open flame items such as candles allowed the premises.


Tea, coffee, sugar and milk is included in the hire price. The tea, coffee and sugar must be left in the training room (not kitchen) prior to departure. You must wash up your own cups. There is access to a kitchen.

The room must be put back as you found it, including furniture. The tables are heavy and have no folding legs. The next hirer after you may not be able to lift the tables to unstack them if you have stacked them. Our staff may not be able to help you. Please consider this when planning your event and when packing away.

Your submission of this form is your consent to these terms and conditions of hire use. Please book no later than two weeks in advance of your event(s) to avoid disappointment and to enable us to arrange access.

We will hold your payment on our PayPal account. The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel a booking:

Up to one calendar month before - no charge
15-30 days before - 50% charge
0-14 days before - 100% charge
Cancellations must be received via email to:
In exceptional circumstances the charges may be waived at the discretion of OCVA


The details you submit on this form will be checked manually during part-time office hours. The form does not show or email you back with a record of what you submitted (sorry!), so you may want to make your own notes about what you've requested. However, the details of what you have booked, and when for, are normally included for those receiving a booking confirmation email from us. The booking is not confirmed until we write to you with a confirmation email.


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