Menstrual Pain Survey
For the questions below, consider your experience of an average period. We will leave a space to describe the range. We look forward to learning from your experience to develop a really great solution to menstrual pain. Thank you for helping with this project!
Tell us about your pain, where does it hurt?
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How does it feel?
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How many days a month do you feel the pain?
Is the pain and discomfort constant or fluctuating?
Does it have a shape?
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From 1 to 10, ten being debilitating, one being a gentle ache, how would you rate your menstrual pain?
Not Bad
Very Bad
Do you miss any school or work because of it? How many days per month would you say?
What does your pain prevent or make difficult doing?
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What do you do/use to make it easier?
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What is important to you when considering what you do/use to make it easier?
On average, how much do you currently spend per month on managing menstrual pain?
Are there any other aspects or effects from the pain we should know about?
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We've asked you to focus on your average period, but understand there is a spectrum of experiences that vary month-to-month. Please describe your least & most significant menstrual cycles below. (Pain & discomfort, abilities & limitations, down days, etc.):
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What can we build for you? What would you like to see?
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Thanks for your feedback! If you'd like to stay connected with this project, add your email below and we will keep you posted:
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