Application to Summer School 2023

It's wonderful that you are interested in being part of a mycelium of change that supports all life on earth. We invite you to apply to Summer School and be part of our ever growing and evolving community.

Please read carefully the information about Summer School before applying with this form. Info:

Please take your time answering these questions and check that you answer all of them.


There are limited number of tickets available for Summer School, and they will be reserved based on applications sent by May 21st. If there are tickets available after this application period, the remaining tickets will be admitted in the order of the applications.

The primary criteria for selection are the motivation and interest towards the themes of Summer School as well as creating a diverse and functioning group dynamic. We will contact all applicants.

The admission letter will be send to the applicants selected by the organizing team via email as soon as possible after the application period. In that letter you will find the invoice, more detailed information about the practices, place and arriving, as well as about supplies and preparation suggested for Summer School.

The admission letter will include a questionnare about diet, health and other practical needs regarding Summer School. If you want, you can also provide us with more information about your personal situation that might affect your attendance at Summer School in advance through this form or by email to We work to provide a possibility to attend to as many as possible regardless of their needs or background.


All information given with this form is confidential and handled only by the organizers of Summer School. All information except the email address will be deleted immediately after the event.

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1. Personal information
Name *
Phone number *
Year of birth *
Country of residence *
Language (with which language you are able to participate in the program)
2. Intention, expectations and goals
Where did you hear about the Summer School or Sydenkoulu? *
What attracted you to apply to Summer School? *
What expectations or goals do you have for the Summer School? *
Is there something that affects or might affect your attendance at Summer School? *
3. Ticket pricing
The price of the admission consists of the ticket price and the accommodation you choose. The members of Sydenkoulu get a 15% discount from all ticket options (accommodation not included). 

Please read carefully the pricing guidelines before selecting the type of ticket.

The selected attendees will be sent an invoice based on the information given in this section. The invoice can be payed in multiple batches. In this case mention this at the end of this form in "Other". 

The ticket type

Consider the regular priced ticket if you:

  • have the ability to comfortably meet all of your basic needs
  • are employed full-time or your employer pays for your ticket
  • have investments, significant savings, or inherited money
  • travel recreationally
  • have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • work part-time by choice
  • own the home you live in
  • have a relatively high ability to earn a living due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)

Consider the discounted ticket if you:

  • have difficulty covering basic expenses
  • are supporting children or have other dependents
  • have significant debt
  • are an elder or have lowered capacity for working with limited financial support
  • have unstable housing
  • have limited access to reliable transportation
  • have not taken a vacation or time off due to the financial burden

(This is based on the ‘Green Bottle’ sliding scale model by Alexis J. Cunningfolk | )

You can also pay a higher amount than these prices, in which case you will be supporting the attendance of those in more challenging position as well as other things we do as an non-profit organization. Write the amount you wish to pay in the "Other" field in the next question.

I choose the following ticket: *
Will you be staying in your own tent, van etc. or in a shared room? *
Are you a member of Sydenkoulu? *
4. More information and consent
Do you want to know something more at this point?
All the information given with this form is confidential and will be handled only by the organizers of Summer School. All saved information will be deleted immediately after the event.

I give my consent for the organizers of Summer School to handle and temporarily save this information in order to organize Summer School.
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