Library Pokemon Hunt
Do you know where things are in the library? Find the Pokemon to help you navigate!
Somebody is ready to return his library books. Who is it? *
Bulbasaur wants to know more about his ancestors. What would the call number/Dewey Decimal number be for books about dinosaurs? *
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Zubat's favorite book is "Wait Till Helen Comes." What kind of genre is this book? *
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Meowth loves to read graphic novels! Some of his favorites are about mice who go on adventures. What is their last name? *
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Pidgey wants to learn more about his surroundings and the history here. Where should he look? *
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A Pokemon wants to learn more about a famous South African civil rights activist. What Pokemon is it? *
Squirtle found a friend in a popular picture book series! Who is it? *
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As one of the rarest Pokemon, the Mewtwo is very special. There is also a very unique resource in the library that no other library has. How do you spell her name? *
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