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We have pigs currently available for deliciousness!
How It Works
Fill out the form below, submit it, and we will use your name and contact information for future communication. Since we have a limited number of pigs available, it's a first come, first served basis. We will contact you right away and ask you to put down non-refundable payment of $150 for full pigs and $75 for half pigs. If we do not receive your payment right away, then, at our discretion, we will go to the next person on the reservation list. (We will not cash your check if we receive it after we have sold all available pigs.)
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Would you like us to split your payments into 4 equal portions? (Minus the downpayment.) *
The first bill would be due in the middle of October; the second in the middle of November; the third in the middle of February; and the final balance due at the time the pork is ready for pick up from the butcher around the end of April.
Would you like us to pick up your pork for you at the butcher? (You can then pick up the pork at our farm.) We use Wakefield Meats in Melba, ID. *
You would need to call and pay the butcher separately before we can pick it up.
By clicking the box below I understand I am responsible for paying Wakefield Meats separately from the price I am paying Cackleberry Farm. *
When It's Time for Pork!
We will call, email and/or text you at the end of April when the pigs are going to Wakefield Meats. At that time we'll need you to come by and pay us the remaining balance on your pork order. (If we are picking up the pork from Wakefield Meats for you, then you'll need to contact Wakefield Meats and pay their fees over the phone.)

We thank you for your business and are confident you will enjoy our pork as much as we do!

Do I Get to Choose how I Want my Meat Cut?
YOU BET! Wakefield Meats will contact you directly prior to cutting and walk you through the process so you will have the cuts and cured meats perfect for your family!
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