Granger Leadership Academy 2019 Workshop Application
Thank you for your interest in presenting at Granger Leadership Academy 2019! Some important dates and deadlines:
- Applications are due September 1st
- Presenters will be notified by October 31st
- All presenters must be registered for the conference by November 20th
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Please include your name in the bio, like this: "Janae Phillips is an engagement designer, writer, and Hufflepuff. You can find her @janaeisms."
We ask for this information so that we can work hard to ensure GLA presenters represent a broad range of experiences and viewpoints, something we feel is critically important for a leadership and activism conference.
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GLA is NOT a lecture-based conference. Though a VERY select number of lecture- and discussion-based programs may be accepted, we are primarily looking for workshops that teach transferable skills. We want attendees to leave GLA as more confident, capable leaders and activists ready to go out and take action.

- GLA is an all-ages conference. Your workshop should be friendly for trainees as young as 10. That said, let's be clear: social justice is not an adults-only subject; you can and should talk to 10 year olds about subjects like racism. Don't shy away from it!
- We teach leadership as a process, not a position. We believe in a strengths-based, community-centered approach to activism.
- A/V is extremely limited. We encourage you to think outside of the PowerPoint.
- In the last 4 years we've done this, the workshops that consistently get the highest ratings are those with concise outlines, focused delivery, and hands-on activities.
- We generally have a lack of submissions for advanced-level workshops. If you feel you can teach your subject in a more advanced way, please consider submitting it as such.

If you're not sure if your workshop fits or have other questions, we're happy to talk! Email us at

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50 WORDS MAXIMUM, please CLEARLY explain what trainees should expect to learn from this workshop.
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What will happen in this session? How will you teach it?
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Is this intended to be a hands-on workshop or a lecture/discussion? *
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Does this session require A/V? *
A/V is EXTREMELY LIMITED and may not be granted. We strongly encourage you to only request A/V if it will SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE your workshop. We do NOT provide laptops. All sessions are provided a post-it pad easel and markers.
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