ASHRAE VRF Roundtable Input
The April 1, 2020 Chapter meeting topic will be on VRF systems. In order to prepare, please provide questions and let us know if you are interested in participating.

This will be a moderated panel discussion at the normal 12pm-1pm meeting time and is open for all VRF Manufacturers to participate.

We will collect questions from the membership and after approval by the CTTC meeting committee, we will send to all participants before the meeting. The intent is to focus this discussion on larger multi air handler systems on a single condensing unit but we will be open to questions on single AHUs to single Condensing Units.

Thank you for your input. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

TJ Bell
Please provide any questions &/or topics for the VRF Manufacturers at this roundtable. This can be related to design, installation, applications or anything else. List all in this box:
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If you would like to participate or volunteer someone to be on the panel, please provide name of VRF company along with a contact name and email.
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