House Hack 2.0 Expression of Interest Form
Why hello there and thank you for your interest in our second House Hack event. This form is to collect interest for those interested in taking part or volunteering their business to be hacked by our participants.

But what is House Hack? It's an initiative to stimulate our minds and encourage creativity and innovation during this difficult time brought to you by two Loughborough University Business students: Ryan McGee and Charlie Rogers. We work with real businesses to understand their issues, both general and COVID-related then bring you the time, people and format to help solve them. Our participants will get a great time and meet new people and our businesses get some tangible takeaways to consider going forward.

Please fill in and provide your contact details accordingly; feel free to reach out if you have queries and do of course share!
Would you like to take part or volunteer your business as a business problem? *
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