MP Rachel Blaney's Survey
Dear constituents,

I am contacting you today to ask you to complete a short survey and share your comments on the priorities you want me to address in the House of Commons. My purpose is three-fold: (1) to better understand the specific issues that matter to your community; (2) to communicate what I can do for you as your Member of Parliament; and (3) to find the best ways to communicate with you.

I will share the survey results with you as soon as they are available.

Kind regards,


Any personal information collected in connection with this survey will only be used for parliamentary purposes.

We would like to continue raising issues that matter to you. What issue would you like Rachel to bring to the forefront?
1.What issues are most pressing for you? Please check your answer(s).
2. What services need to be improved in your community? Please check your answer(s).
3. Which federal department do you deal with the most? Please check your answer(s).
4. How would you prefer to share your ideas with Rachel? Please check your answer(s).
5. What is the best way for Rachel to communicate with you? Please check your answer(s).
6. Where would you look first to find Rachel’s contact information? Please check your answer(s).
7. In recent months, we have organized town hall meetings on the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), on pensions and on seniors. For upcoming meetings, what topics are you interested in? Please write some suggestions.
8. What could Rachel do to better represent you?
In order for MP Blaney to get back to you, please leave us your contact information in the following boxes.
Address (City and Postal Code)
Phone Number
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