UUCG Annual Pledge Form - 2024

What each one of us does impacts us all. Collectively, we are responsible for this church and this community; we are tasked with caring for the building and grounds, and for each other.  We embrace these responsibilities, even as we draw the circle wide to welcome in those who share our vision for a more just and compassionate world.  This is our house - yours and mine; and it takes all of us to make it a place that is worthy and welcoming.  If you arrive with an open mind, a compassionate heart, and a caring spirit, you are welcome here. 

Your generous contributions make it possible for us to grow into this bold vision.

We value every financial gift. Using the Giving Guide on the back of this form, please pledge as your heart guides you and your finances allow. We invite you into visioning what we can create when we join our resources together, in a spirit of generosity and stewardship.
 This is Our House. Welcome Home
Giving is a function of covenant, commitment and resources. When thinking about your income and your financial commitment to the congregation, please consider your Unitarian Universalist values and our shared covenant to do the work of the church responsibly. Together we are responsible for supporting our faith and our congregation.
How to use the giving recommendation chart below:
  • Determine your monthly income or resource/level based on pre-tax income.
  • ADD any unusual or periodic income such as inheritances, bonuses, business income, investment income, etc.
  • SUBTRACT any extraordinary expenses such as large medical expenses, care of a parent, or large financial expense, etc. 
  • From the Adjusted Monthly Income column, or the Adjusted Annual Income column, move to the right to find a giving level that reflects your commitment and capacity. 
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Recommended Giving Chart
I/We understand that making a financial contribution to the UUCG Operating Fund is part of our covenant to do the work of the church responsibly. Therefore I/we commit to a TOTAL ANNUAL contribution starting January 2024 through December 2024 of: *
I/we will fulfill this pledge in equal payments made:
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Based on the giving guidelines, I/we are supporting UUCG at the following giving level:
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I / We consistently provide financial support for UU Gwinnett each year - please renew our annual commitment at the current level until I/we send notification otherwise.
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