Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program (June 2017 Screening)
Thank you for your interest in joining the Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program!

1. What is the purpose of this screening?
We are conducting this screening to ensure that the program is appropriate for you. While this program generally have beneficial effects on participants' well-being and ability to manage everyday stress, it may not be suitable for individuals with clinical concerns. Results of this screening will be used to guide our team in making decisions regarding your application.

2. What will I be asked to do?
You will be answering a questionnaire that is composed of two parts: 1) demographics section and 2) multiple choice items. This procedure will not take more than 10 minutes.

3. Are there any risks and what are they?
There are no perceived risks from answering this screening tool.

4. What are the benefits of participating in this screening?
Participation in this screening allows us to assess the suitability of the program to your personal concerns, goals, and expectations.

5. How will confidentiality be maintained and my privacy protected? Who will have access to my data?
Only the Principal Investigator will have access to your personal information and responses. Data collected from this screening will be used for the purpose of evaluating program fit.

6. What will happen to the data I will provide?
Data from those who choose to participate in the mindfulness program and the research component will be anonymized and stored indefinitely for research purposes. All personal identifiers (i.e. email address, name, and cellphone number) will be removed. Participants will then be assigned codes. Only the Principal Investigator will have access to the password-protected file linking your name to your code. This password-protected file will be destroyed 6 months after last data collection.
Data from those who are excluded from the program (i.e. did not meet inclusion criteria or opted not to continue with the program) will be destroyed once the program begins.

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