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If you make a typo, or e.g. spell your name lowercase - that's how it will end up on the site. Later correction is possible though, so no need to panic.

Please note, that is still in development. Changes will happen, and we will probably gather even more data in the future. Not all data you put here will be available on the website from the beginning - some might be kept for the future.

In case you have any remarks, please add them into notes at the end. This is important. This will help you in properly advertising your studio and will help me improving the website. Thank you!

Is this an inclusion or an update request? *
Are you on already? You might be there even if you didn't filled any form yet. If you are on the list, PLEASE close this form now use the update link for makers. Click on your studio on the list and use the link for makers at the bottom of the pop-up. That link causes the form to be pre-filled with your old data.
General info
Studio/maker's name *
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Formerly known as
If your studio changed name in the past, what was it?
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Since when are you crafting (maker's experience, NOT studio age)?
Please provide month and year when started (day will be ignored). If your studio has only one maker, skip rest of this paragraph. If your studio has more than one maker, please provide information on experience you give a guarantee for with your products (e.g. senior maker checks how junior is doing, if all is done well, and will make sure any repairs/improvements will be done - then give senior experience information; two seniors - how about an average?)
Location of the studio
What country is your studio located in?
Your answer
If your studio is in US or Canada, what state is it in?
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What city is your studio located in?
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What payment plans do you support?
Please provide precise description. EXAMPLES: "None/100% upfront", "40% upfront to reserve a slot, 40% after 2 months, 20% after next 2 months", "50% upfront to reserve a slot, 10% each next month", "50% upfront for slot reservation, 100$ each next month until fully paid", etc.
Your answer
Link to a webpage with the prices list
Preferred: typical webpages, FurAffinity. Avoid: images, social media.
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Types, features, available stuff
What do you do?
What styles do you manufacture?
Any other styles?
You can check what other makers listed here: (scroll to "Other styles")
Your answer
What kind of fursuits/items do you sell?
Any other kinds/items?
You can check what other makers listed here: (scroll to "Other order types")
Your answer
What features do you support?
Any other features?
You can check what other makers listed here: (scroll to "Other features")
Your answer
What species do you craft or are you willing to do?
Examples: dog, wolf, fox, or "canines in general", horse, "ungulates (?!) in general", big cats, small cats, lynxes, lions, tigers, domestic cat(?!), dragon, scalies in general, sergal, bat, etc.
Your answer
Any species you will NOT do?
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Links to websites
If you are listed on , please paste whole link here
This is for my convenience - I will check that either way, and add the link if you are there. Thank you for filling this one for me!
Your answer
If you have a regular website, please paste whole link here
Your answer
Do you have a FAQ anywhere? If so, please paste whole link here
Your answer
Do you keep your queue/progress information on-line (e.g. Trello board)? If so, please paste whole link here
Your answer
If you have a FurAffinity account, please paste whole link to your user page here
Your answer
If you have a DeviantArt account, please paste whole link to you user page here
Your answer
If you have a Twitter account, please paste whole link to your profile here
Your answer
If you have a Facebook page, please paste whole link here
Your answer
If you have a Tumblr account, please paste whole link to your user page here
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If you have an Instagram account, please paste whole link to your page here
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If you have a YouTube account, please paste whole link to your user page here
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If you have any other websites/accounts, please list them here
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Automatic commissions status tracking (open/closed)
I highly encourage you to take advantage of this feature! Here's how it works: . I'll be happy to help if you need assistance.
If you keep an eligible webpage up-to-date with commissions status, please paste the whole link to it here
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Other/remarks/additional information
Which languages do you speak?
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"Maker ID" *
This will be your "Maker ID", a short text which fursuiters can put in their profiles, on their badges, etc., to let everyone know who brought them to life. This will also allow anyone to link to your "full info card" on . 7 characters, uppercase letters and/or digits. Here are some possible examples: "SILVENA", "2STFURS", "DIRECRTS", "DHCACTI", "NUKECTS", "GOFURIT", "ALPHADG". You might use abbreviations, state or country codes, etc.
Your answer
Short intro
It's supposed to be SHORT! Put here any "welcome" or "who are we/am I" or "what makes me/us special" text that'll be displayed on top of your details pop-up
Your answer
Anything else? ("notes")
ATTENTION: This is not intended for publication on the site (although this WILL be possible to retrieve). Treat as place for comments for maintainer or some additional information which might be added in the future to the website
Your answer
Updates PIN/passcode *
Please provide a PIN or passcode (DO NOT USE THE ONE YOU USE ELSEWHERE). Write this PIN/passcode down, and provide it every time when you send updates in the future. If you lost the PIN/passcode, please put "I forgot", or something like that. Whenever you send updates with invalid or missing PIN/passcode, I will reach up to you to make sure it was you, who posted the updates. There are reasons it is done this particular way, explanation to long for this form.
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Contact, updates & feedback
Please consider. is under development. Slow, but it is. This means two things:
1. In the future, your studio information here will most probably become incomplete or outdated
2. I value makers' feedback to make changes and improvements properly (you know the business far better than I do)

When I introduce new data on the website (meaning there is more information you can provide to be better classified and chosen by proper customers), I can let you know about that in two ways:
a) leave me a way to contact you below, so you receive ANNOUNCEMENTS
b) join the Telegram announcements channel here:

I will also be grateful if you sporadically provided some feedback by filling some surveys or answering some questions. Two ways to let me contact you as well:
a) leave me a way to contact you below so you receive FEEDBACK requests
b) join the Telegram chat here:

Permit to contact *
1. I explain "WHY" above. 2. I don't flood. 3. You can opt-out anytime. 4. You are not obliged, in any way, to provide answer/respond/react. 5. Your contact info will never be shared.
How can I contact you
OPTIONAL! - only if you did NOT select "NO" in the above question. I might also use this to clarify some stuff in the form, if something goes wrong. Please make my life easier and prefer e-mail or Telegram (I won't die in other cases, but e.g. Twitter blocks messaging then I send too many messages)
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