AV Equipment Fault Reporting Form
Use this from to report any faults with the following AV Equipment
- Projector
- Visualiser
- Speakers
- Patch Panel (wall control panel)
- Cables

To enable us to rectify the problem promptly, please provide as much details as possible.

Please submit a separate form for different equipment or password issue.

For technical issues, regarding laptops and printers please approach either one of the TA directly.

ICT Manager may approach you for further clarification if necessary.

Lead time - 3 - 5 days

What is the faulty equipment or request? *
Please provide a brief description of the fault. *
eg. projector cannot switch on, visualiser is not working, speaker has buzzing sound, patch panel buttons are faulty, vga cables missing, projection screen torn, laptop has missing charger, printer ran out of ink.
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When was the fault first discovered? *
What time was the fault first discovered? *
Where is the Faulty IT Equipment Located? *
Type in the Block and Room Number for classrooms (eg. E3-01) and Special Rooms (eg. conference room, ICT Lab 1 D2-01)
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Details of Person Reporting
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