Nutrition Focused Bootcamp 2B
With simple and effective nutrition strategies, behavior patterns, and self-awareness tools, 2B Mindset helps people develop and strengthen their own approach to eating for weight loss and weight maintenance through the use of simple devices, such as the four principles which form the “2B” in 2B Mindset.

“2B” stands for “2 bunnies,” or the shape you get when you hold up the first two fingers in each hand.

Each finger represents one of the main principles Ilana advocates: (1) Water first, (2) Veggies most, (3) Track your food, and (4) Weigh yourself regularly to introduce accountability and empowerment to your daily decisions.

With these simple guidelines and more in-depth discussion of how to be more “conscious” of how you eat and how to construct a meal, the program teaches you what to eat, but also why, when, and how to approach meals and eating situations.

Who Is 2B Mindset For?
2B Mindset is for people who want to drop pounds and achieve a healthier relationship with food using a sensible and sustainable approach to eating.

It’s for those who want a realistic and effective set of guidelines that take into account stressful situations, social events, temptations, and travel, so you can still manage your food choices and keep losing weight through whatever life throws at you.
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