Transition Review 2017/2018
Feedback from 5th year students on their TY experience.
General Questions
Did you enjoy your Transition Year? *
State three ways you benefited from Transition Year.
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List three things about Transition Year that you enjoyed, and state why you enjoyed them.
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List three things about Transition Year that you found challenging/difficult.
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What changes, in your opinion, could be made to improve Transition Year?
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Suggest any specific activity, event or subject area that you would like included in the Transition Year programme?
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What activities did you take part in during your Transition Year experience? *
What other Trips / Activities did you participate in?
How would you rate your experience of the above activities overall?
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Thursday Modules
What modules did you participate in?
Were you satisfied with what was on offer in the Thursday afternoon modules?
If you answered 'No' above, please explain.
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Work Experience
What aspects of Work Experience worked well for you? *
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Give two reasons why it worked well. *
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What aspects of Work Experience were challenging for you?
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How did you deal with the challenges?
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Overall, did you enjoy your work experience and why? *
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Did you get any part time employment as a result of work experience?
Would you rate your work experience as valuable in gaining a future job? *
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Very Valuable
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