ALIRP Volunteer Agreement Form for Volunteers Providing Direct Support to Partners
Our foremost goal in the Alabama Interfaith Refugee Partnership (ALIRP) Direct Support initiative is to welcome refugee and asylum-seeking families to our community (referred to in ALIRP documents as “Partners”). We sincerely appreciate your willingness to serve as a volunteer to provide direct support to our Partners and to help ensure that they are safe, given the best chance of pursuing asylum, and given power and control over their lives. By signing this form, you indicate your consent to adhere to the following volunteer policies and principles.

1. The asylum process is both profoundly personal and legally sensitive. The asylum applications are between the families, their legal team, and the courts. I agree not to ask Partners about their reasons for seeking asylum. I also agree to maintain in strict confidence all information relating to the Partners, their families, their cases, and any other related information. I will not discuss or disclose any information relating to any ALIRP Partner’s case unless explicitly authorized and/or requested to do so by the Coordinator of the ALIRP Direct Support/Volunteer Committee. Once my relationship with the Partner and ALIRP has ended, I will permanently delete any communication via email, phone, or text message related to my service to ALIRP.

2. Out of necessity, volunteers may have access to Partners’ homes, stories, and personal information while still being relative strangers. Our goal is to give the Partners as much autonomy and privacy as we can. This may mean withholding unsolicited advice, refraining from asking personal questions, or excusing yourself from conversations with teachers and medical providers. I agree to respect the autonomy and privacy of ALIRP Partners.

3. We couldn’t support these families without your incredible generosity, yet gifts can put the families in awkward positions and have unintended consequences. I agree not to provide gifts or cash to the Partners, and to discuss any unmet needs with the Care Team Leader or the Coordinator of the ALIRP Direct Support/Volunteer Committee.

4. Our inability to communicate with our families in their primary languages, the cultural chasm, and the power differential at play in our interactions makes true informed consent difficult to obtain. I understand the importance of taking care when asking for the Partner’s consent, and will discuss decisions about whether to accompany a family member into a doctor’s exam room, a parent teacher meeting, or other matters requiring the Partner’s consent, with the Care Team Leader or Coordinator of the ALIRP Direct Support/Volunteer Committee.

5. I understand that in order for me to transport for an ALIRP Partner, the Partner and I must show proof of COVID 19 vaccination, and also comply with all current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

5. I will not take photos of the Partners without first discussing this with the Coordinator of the Direct Support/Volunteer Committee, and without having a signed Media Release Form in order to protect their safety and privacy.

6. I understand that as a volunteer, I am mandated to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect, or concerns the Partner may express about harming him/herself or others, to the Coordinator of the ALIRP Direct Support/Volunteer Committee (

7. I acknowledge and agree that the nature of the volunteer services which may be performed by me as an ALIRP volunteer, may involve (a) contact with unidentified and unfamiliar persons, (b) travel to and from various unspecified locations, and (c) other potential risk of injury. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, I willingly and freely agree to volunteer and hereby assume any and all risk. I release the ALIRP and its directors and officers from any claims or liability, whether known or unknown, arising out of my participation as an ALIRP volunteer.

8. I hereby confirm, represent and warrant that I have never been convicted of a violent crime, child abuse or neglect, child pornography, child abduction, kidnapping, rape or sexual offense, nor have I ever been ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection herewith.

9. I understand that my failure to abide by the terms of this Volunteer Agreement may result in the termination of my participation as a volunteer with ALIRP.
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