Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah Mosque Registration Form

From February 22nd to Feb 23rd, 2020, the Black Dawah Network will be launching the ‘Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah’ to pay homage to Malcolm X and to carry further his legacy and efforts to spread Islam in America. The Black Dawah Network, an Islamic outreach organization, will arrange events that will involve Black Muslim delegations convening in various hoods throughout the United States most notably in Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Boston, Seattle, and Florida. The delegations shall speak to Black brothers and sisters; informing them about ALLAH (SWT) and why ALLAH (SWT) is worthy of worship. About the divine revelation: The Noble Quran. And about the need and importance of following the ways and teachings of the last messenger of ALLAH (SWT), the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Black Dawah Network will be partnering with local African-American Mosques in order to actualize this event. Each Mosque will be shipped 100 copies of the autobiography of Malcolm X and further be instructed in Dawah.

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The Regional Director has the responsibility of overseeing that the event in your area runs smoothly and must be in direct communication with Black Dawah Network president. Who in your area is able to fulfill this role?
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