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Please fill in the form correctly otherwise it will affect coin listing. 请正确填写以下的信息。
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1. Project team leader, his/her profile, and contact information(Please provide telephone & email) 项目方创始人的简介及联系方式(请提供移动电话号码及电子邮件地址) *
2.1 Project Name 项目名称 *
2.2 Token Name 代币名称 *
2.3 Project official website 官网地址 *
2.4 Link to the latest version of the project white paper 最新版本的白皮书链接 *
2.5 Brief introduction of the project (Under 400 words) 项目简介(四百字以内) *
What problem is addressed and how will it be solved? What is the size of the targeting market? What is the current progress? 项目解决了什么问题? 如何解决?目标市场的规模?项目目前进展?
2.6 Github Link Github链接
3.1 Link of Coinmarketcap and/or Etherscan (for ERC20 tokens) 项目的Coinmarketcap或者Etherscan链接
3.2 Is the project tokens based on ERC20? 项目代币是基于ERC20吗? *
3.3 Please provide the latest smart contract address 请提供最新的智能合约地址
3.4 The total amount of tokens. If the total amount of tokens is not fixed, please provide how your token supply could change according to various conditions 供应代币总量是多少?如代币总量非固定,请提供代币总量变动方式及情况说明 *
3.5 Token circulating supply 代币流通供应是多少? *
3.6 Please describe project token distribution plan 代币分配方案如何? *
3.7 Token decimal 代币小数位数 *
3.8 Will the issued tokens be locked or partly locked? If so, for how long and what are the conditions for unlocking? 代币会被锁定或是部分锁定吗?如果是,锁定期限和解锁条件分别是什么? *
3.9 If your project is an ERC20 token, please provide a smart contract audit report by a professional institution.(Required for ERC20 tokens) ERC20代币需提供由专业机构提供的智能合约代码审计报告(ERC20 项目必填)
4.1 Plan for the private sales of project tokens and how much was completed 项目私募计划与完成度
4.2 Pricing of tokens in private sales? (How many tokens equal to 1 ETH or 1 BTC ? ) 代币私募价格(一个ETH或一个BTC等于多少代币) *
4.3 Project valuation after its private token sales 私募后的估值如何?
4.4 Time of the project's public token offering (ICO) 项目公开发行(ICO)的时间
4.5 Project tokens ICO price 项目公募价格
4.6 Project ICO Upper limit and / or lower limit 公开发行上下限
4.7 Completion status for the project ICO 公开发行状态
4.8 Are your tokens traded at any crptocurrency exchanges? If so, which exchanges are they traded at? 代币是否已经在其他交易所上线,上了哪几家交易所? *
4.9 Telegram Link Telegram链接
5.0 More information you want us to know 需要阐述的更多信息
You agree that Btron can publish any of the information you provided here publicly. *您同意币创可以公开您在本表单中提供的任何信息。 *
You confirm the security of the blockchain project code, and agree to pay a security bond as a performance guarantee. In case of loss of users’ assets due to any technical issue (including but not limited to Smart Contract security) , you agree to use the security bond to compensate users. *您确认所申请的区块链项目代码安全,愿意质押项目风险担保金作为安全保证,如果出现因申请方技术安全事故(包括但不限于智能合约安全)导致用户资产遭遇损失,您同意使用该保证金补偿用户 *
Btron endeavors to list all tokens intended for legal use, and therefore, Btron’s act of adding a token on the platform should not be considered as investment advice. There is no guarantee that Btron will list your token despite you providing all the information above. The decision to list a token is solely determined by Btron and is final. *币创努力上架所有合法使用的代币。币创平台上架代币的行为,不视为任何投资建议。尽管您提交了上述信息,不保证币创会上架您的代币。代币是否上线完全由币创决定。 *
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