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A limited number of participating researchers will be supplied with Bitdefender BOX2 devices (https://www.bitdefender.com/box/) for testing, free of charge. Due to limited device availability, these researchers will be selected based on their applicable skillsets and ability to effectively test against this target. If you believe that you have the skills relevant to test on this target, please fill out the following survey. We'll follow up with further information for qualified individuals.

To ensure that we're getting the most complete and accurate information about your technical abilities and experience, please present as much information as possible in the survey. For instance, if you have CVEs in your name, listing those is highly beneficial, etc.

Please note that ALL BUGCROWD RESEARCHERS are invited to test the in-scope targets for the Bitdefender BOX2 program. However, only selected researchers will be provided with the device free of charge. Researchers who are not selected may supply their own device for testing.
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How many years of experience do you have testing network devices?
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Can you provide a vulnerability disclosure link or report that you're responsible for against an IoT device or Network device?
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How much time (per week) can you commit to this IoT-device program?
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