2019-2020 Community Survey - Brown Deer School District Superintendent Search
The purpose of this survey is to gather input from staff, parents and community that will guide the recruitment and selection of the new Brown Deer School District superintendent. The deadline for input is December 13, 2019.
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2. Please select the choice(s) that best describe your relationship to the school district. Please select all that apply *
3. Please select the THREE(3) items below that represent the greatest strengths of the school district. It is a long list but read through each and select your top three. *
4. Please select the THREE (3) items below that represent the greatest challenges for the school district. *
5. Please select the top THREE (3) goals for the new superintendent *
6. Please select the THREE (3) PROFESSIONAL SKILLS that you believe are the most important for the new superintendent to be successful leading the Brown Deer School District *
7. Please select THREE (3) PERSONAL SKILLS you feel are most important for the new superintendent to be successful *
8. Please add any additional comments you wish to make regarding what you believe are necessary characteristics or attributes for the new Brown Deer superintendent
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