Longfellow Rebuilding Plan - Project Steering Committee Application
The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is comprised of 10-12 participants representing a cross section of the Longfellow planning area including businesses and commercial property owners, LCC members, area community organizations and interested residents, ideally with project-related backgrounds and skills (specific knowledge, design, communications, development, etc.) to help develop the plan. The PSC’s purpose is to build consensus around a vision for redevelopment, rebuilding, preservation and enhancement. The implementation of the vision will be outlined in a neighborhood planning document with detailed goals, policies, priorities and implementation strategies. The PSC will collaborate with consultants, and a range of public agencies, non-profit organizations, and civic leaders while actively engaging the broader public for input.

Before you apply, please visit the link below to review information regarding the commitment required to participate in the PSC.

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What background and/or skills do you bring to the Steering Committee that might help with the development of the Longfellow Rebuilding Plan?
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