Gaymara Registration (Winter 5780/2020)
Sign up here for Gaymara, the queer AF Talmud class. We are using a slightly different format this time:

NEW--due to snow, we are having a second intro session--January 26 (4-6). This is required for anyone who hasn't taken a Gaymara class before. If you're curious to know what we're about, you can sign up just for this session. No aleph-bet required. At a location on Capitol Hill, register for address.

Class--Jan 27-March 16 (6:30-9, no class 2/10--Tu Bishevat or 3/9--Purim). This requires a commitment to all six classes and knowledge of the aleph bet.

We will be learning in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, but don't worry! You just need your aleph bet and elbow grease to dig in. It's going to be a lot of fun.

The class is free. Each student needs their own unvocalized copy of masechet Pesachim. You can purchase one at the first class for $20.

If you have any questions, email
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