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AGENCY POLICY | Service User Right to Complain

For Youth Initiative (FYI) has a commitment to create a safe environment which is free from discrimination and harassment and where all members are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. For Youth Initiative (FYI) has an obligation to treat all complaints of discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment, vilification, and seeking unnecessary information on which discrimination might be based seriously. All complaints will be handled confidentially and impartially, investigated promptly and recommendations implemented.

Right to Complain
Every service user has the right to make a complaint without retribution on FYI’s staff, volunteers, managers or directors using FYI’s service user and community complaints Procedure

Every service user has the right to make a complaint about the quality of services provided, in consistency with the provisions of their rights to quality services under this Bill of Rights.

In the process of making a complaint, every client is entitled to:
Right to privacy when making their complaints
Be informed throughout the process
A follow-up call from Human Resources within a week of the complaint, with a final resolution (if need be)
Right to appeal the final decision
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