Pine Cobble Lunch Sign-up 2018-2019

We are excited to partner this year with Wild Oats Food Coop to offer healthful lunches for your children.

Here’s what has stayed the same:

* There will be a “main” offering, salad bar, and fresh fruit available.
* The main will be a hot meal that varies each day, and there will be a sandwich offering if the hot meal does not meet your child’s dietary needs. Please indicate each day whether your child would like the main or the sandwich.
* Meals will be posted by month. Billing will occur monthly.
* Signing up for the full year is possible - see website for form. If you choose to sign up for the full year, we will assume your child wants the hot meal each day. If they’d prefer instead a sunbutter and jelly sandwich, please inform us by Friday of the prior week. You may email Erin Poplaski at, or your child may fill out a form in her office the week before indicating which days your child prefers the sandwich.
* Gluten free bread is available to students with allergies.

Because the program is now coordinated with Wild Oats, there are a few changes from previous years. Here’s what’s changed:

* Some mains will be vegetarian, gluten free and/or dairy free, but not all. The sun butter and jelly will always be an option, if you have signed your child up for it on any given day.
* Because meals are prepared off-campus, we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee all meals have been prepared in a nut-free environment.
* The salad bar, fruit and any additional side dishes will be available whether your child is getting the sandwich or the main meal. Please note some sides will not be gluten, and/or dairy free. Please call with any questions about this.
* We are installing a new water fountain that will make it easy to fill up bottles. Please be sure your child has a water bottle each day, as we will not be serving milk this year.
* Please sign your child up by noon Friday of the week before so we can place orders with Wild Oats in a timely manner.
Wild Oats will prepare the precise number of orders we give them. So please make careful note of the days for which you sign up your child; same-day orders will not be an option.
* The cost of each day’s meal is $6.00
* Bag lunches will not be offered on Winter Sports Fridays or on field trip days that have students away from school at lunch. If Mountain Day is rained out, we will not be able to offer school lunch on the rain date. For those who order for the year, we have factored Winter Sports Fridays, random field trip days, and some sick days into the year-long cost.

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All meals come with salad bar and cut up fruit. Note there are two options per day - main and sandwich. If you choose both, you will be charged for both.
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