RiteTrax x National Lottery Covid-19 Response Music Provision Signup
This form is for ALL participants/beneficiaries, support staff, volunteers, facilitators and others working on the National Lottery funded RiteTrax/Plot 22 response to covid-19, specifically the music-related activities including but not limited to music production, instrument tuition, DJing, music making and lyric writing.

This information is for RiteTrax and will only be shared with potential funders as evidence of our social impact.

The fund is for RiteTrax to deliver targeted music activities to vulnerable adults, specifically those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and trauma, ex-offenders, ex-prisoners as well as others at risk of offending or struggling with mental health problems or other complex issues.

The project aims to provide regular weekly creative provision until March 31st 2021 and will document outcomes through visuals including photography and video, as well as through recording of mixtapes, original music and performances. We aim to broadcast as many people as possible through our livestreams, record label and radio shows.

We are currently seeking funding to continue our provision beyond March 31st and are hopeful about the future of the project. Your involvement and support will help us to keep doing this work!
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