Binghamton Porchfest 2019 Host Signup

Thanks for your interest in hosting a porch at this year’s Binghamton Porchfest! We would be absolutely nothing without the kindness and generosity of our neighborhood hosts: we make a schedule, but YOU make a festival! Before we get started, we should note that there's a few things we ask of our hosts to help us make the best festival possible:

-Homeowner consent. Because Binghamton Porchfest takes place entirely on private property, we require homeowner consent from hosts. If you rent, you must get permission from your landlord and the blessing of your housemates before signing up.

-Electricity. We encourage acoustic music at Porchfest, but even acoustic acts may need to use light amplification. Bands must have access to electricity for their sets: in most cases, this means just porch outlets or some extension cords and a power strip.

-Space: a yard big enough for attendees to converge in. We will be working with the city to plan street closures where necessary, but we strive to keep these to a minimum. Solo acts may require minimal space, but bands and their fans need some room to set up and dance. On quiet streets, a bit of pedestrian traffic is no big deal, but on Riverside and Leroy, we run into some issues.

-Location. We're tightening up our footprint this year so that we can provide the best experience for festival-goers. We're specifically looking for hosts within the borders of Seminary/College to the north, Chestnut to the east, Riverside to the south, and Rotary to the west. This is a fairly fluid footprint: if you're just outside the border, we'll make it work. If you are not located within reasonable distance of the borders, you are welcome to sign up as a satellite location and we'll do our best to lend our support, however we will not be able to help with booking or resources like porta-johns. Satellite locations are essentially planning their own event, but we'll include you in the program if our team deems it appropriate. We do this not for the sake of exclusion: we've found in years past that booking acts far from the festival epicenter dampens the experience for both performers and festival-goers.

-Hospitality. We’re not asking anybody to prepare a five-course dinner, but please take care of the talent! Water, light snacks, and use of your bathroom go a long way in making the musicians feel welcome.

-Trash. Hosts should be prepared to provide use of garbage cans and recycle bins to festival-goers during Porchfest.

-Neighbors. The whole point of Binghamton Porchfest is to get out and see your neighbors, not to alienate them. Please reach out to your neighbors when signing up your porch; we’d hate for them to be surprised by a street full of people the day of. Porchfest's future is reliant on community goodwill and neighborhood support, and that means we need to be considerate of those who choose not to participate.

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Local businesses and houses of worship are welcome to sign up to host. Both are encouraged to sign-up with particular performers in mind. For businesses: if you’re planning on hosting, you’re strongly encouraged to become an event sponsor. Houses of worship and non-profits are encouraged to host a fundraising bbq or something similar to support your cause!
Do you own or rent the property? *
The space I have available to performers can best be described as: *
There's a bunch of really cool back yards through the neighborhood, but Porchfest is open to the public and there's a real creeper vibe that comes along with inviting the world to your fenced off back yard. We're looking for street facing stages only, please!
If you're on a corner lot, would performances face a different street than your address would indicate? *
If so, what street would bands be playing towards?
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Do you have space for a porta-john? *
It’s a $#*& job but somebody’s gotta do it. Our permits do not allow for porta-johns to be set up on the street, and we're in pretty desperate need of more bathroom locations this year. If you've got any space to spare, we sure could use your help. We understand that in some locations, there's no logical place to put a big blue box full of pee. But if you've got the space, or you've got a real cool neighbor that would allow one in their driveway, you'd be a real hero. Do it for the kids. Porta-johns will be delivered Saturday afternoon and picked up Monday morning.
Are you planning on having any vendors/non-profit tables/garage sales/lemonade stands/special activities/etc. at your porch? *
There is no official vending at Binghamton Porchfest, with the exception of festival merch booths (locations TBA). Porchfest is meant to maintain a block party atmosphere, and we feel that a structured vending environment gets in the way of what the day is all about. Hosts and neighborhood homeowners are welcome to invite craft vendors, non-profit tabling, and properly licensed food trucks to set up in their yards, so long as the entire setup remains on private property. No vending on sidewalks or streets. Tell us what you're planning by August 1 and we'll happily include it in the festival program! If you're making money off of Porchfest, we ask that you make a donation at your discretion to our organizers, the Gorgeous Washington Street Association: Garage sales are encouraged. If you've got kids, lemonade stands are super, super encouraged. No politickin'. Non-partisan voter registration tables are totally cool, though.
If so, tell us a bit about what you've got cookin'.
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Were you not planning on having any vendors/non-profit tables/garage sales/lemonade stands/special activities/etc. until we brought it up but now that we brought it up you think you've got space and would be interested if we could pair you up with the right people? *
If so, tell us a bit about your available space and what you're open to.
We keep telling interested vendors that they're only welcome if they figure it out themselves, but if you want us to pair you up with food/crafts/etc. we're up for a good challenge!
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Are you planning on making your own big, pretty, flashy Porchfest sign, or should we provide one? *
What if it rains?
We've been lucky so far. In past years, we've planned on a rain date for the following week, but by planned, we mean "if we ever had to put together a rain date for this it would be a big, bad disaster." So this year, we're instead planning on rain locations, and by planning, we mean "for real this time but we're not going to tell you about it unless we need to and we won't need to because it's not going to rain so stop saying that dirty word." Essentially, this means we're going to talk to as many traditional (bars) and non-traditional (laundromats) public indoor locations as we can, and set up a whole secret schedule on the nonexistent chance that need be. Planned residential hosts may be able to participate still, in the next to nothing chance that we've got a deluge on our hands. In a worst case scenario, do you think you'd still be able to host bands because you've got a) a big empty garage, b) a wicked huge porch, or c) you're a business/house of worship and could fit a bunch of people inside your inviting-to-the-public space?
Have you hosted in past years? *
Are you planning on hosting any particular bands? *
Please note: All performers must also fill out a performer signup form by July 15.
If so, who?
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What time slots are you able to host? *
Scheduling 150+ acts to perform over 7 hours is a monumental task. Our job is to accommodate as much as we can, but we ask in return that you make the process as easy as possible by keeping your schedule as flexible as possible.
How many acts do you want to host? *
We know many of our veteran hosts look forward to planning a whole day's worth of music. This is great, but the point of Porchfest is neighborhood collaboration. It is our hope that each year, more and more neighbors sign up to host, and that may, at times, cause scheduling conflicts. We want you to host as much music as you want, but we also want to make new hosts feel welcome, so those signing up for a full day's worth of music may not get a full seven acts. Even if you are planning a specific lineup of musicians, all acts must fill out a performer signup form by July 15, and this does not guarantee that we won't call you up and tell you we need to rearrange the schedule to accommodate the greater good. On the flip side, if you're looking to host just one or two acts, we encourage you to be open to a few more if we're tight for space.
What kind of performances are you excited to host on your porch?
Is there anything we should definitely avoid when scheduling your porch?
The goal of Binghamton Porchfest is to show a wide cross-section of Binghamton's talent- we've yet to turn down a performer. That said, we understand that not everybody is open to everything. You're hosting, it's your home: we want you to enjoy the experience. If there are particular genres/bands you don't feel comfortable hosting, now's the time to tell us.
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Any other questions or things we should know?
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Host Pledge *
I understand that by signing up as a host, I am agreeing to be the de-facto person in charge of my location at Porchfest and will attend to any issues that may arise, or contact festival organizers if there are issues in which I need assistance. I understand that I am expected to be present at my porch for the duration of any performances. I understand that by participating in Porchfest, I am inviting the general public to converge on my private property, and I either am the property owner of have permission by the property owner to do so. I understand that Binghamton Porchfest is a family-friendly community event that flourishes only when embraced by the whole neighborhood. Binghamton Porchfest strives to be a low-volume event: excessive amplification is inconsiderate to other participating locations and non-participating neighbors, and it puts the community goodwill towards the festival -- and therefore the festival's future -- at risk. I agree to be respectful of the festival and make sure that performers keep volume at a minimum. I understand that Binghamton Porchfest is a volunteer-driven event and I am participating free of charge. I understand that performers are also donating their time and talents, and I agree to make them feel welcome for the duration of their performance. I understand that any afterparties should be kept inside, are discouraged/unaffiliated, and may subject owners to a citation if noise rises to a cognizable level.
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