Interview Questions
Please submit written answers (in sentence form) to the following interview questions! Pretend as if you are interviewing to work in your ideal role, ________ (insert dream job here)!

HINT - PLEASE READ: We'll be using these next week, so the more you put in now - the better prepared you'll be then!
Tell me a little about yourself. *
What is your DREAM JOB? (If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do and why?) *
What are your greatest professional strengths? (HINT: How might your teachers, coaches, parents, friends, etc. describe YOU) *
What are your weaknesses? (HINT: and how are you working to improve them?) *
Tell me about a conflict or problem you've faced, and how you resolved/ worked through it. *
Describe a time you exercised leadership. What are your strongest leadership strengths/ attributes? *
Why should we hire, YOU for our team? (What makes you DIFFERENT from everyone else we're interviewing?) *
If you could choose to be/embody ANY FRUIT or VEGETABLE, what fruit/veg would you choose and why? (No joke, I got this question on an interview once - THINK ABOUT your WHY!) *
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