DB Dash Customer Survey
We’re still building DB Dash, but we’d love to learn more about you and how you do business analytics at the moment.
We’re going to pick our first round of beta testers from these survey submissions.
Do you own a business? *
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Are you a developer? *
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Do you have a database? *
Which kind of database is it?
Do you use Google Sheets for managing your business data? *
Which other software do you use? *
What tools do you use day-to-day to manage your business? *
Which of these services do you use for business? *
What are the most important data metrics for your business? *
How do you currently analyze your business metrics? (revenue, profit, growth…) *
What’s the single most critical thing you are hoping that DBDash can do for you? *
Are you willing to talk with us via phone or IM to give feedback on some preview workflows? *
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